FBI Agent “Trump Was Right,” New Documents EXPOSE FBI FRAMING Trump And Flynn, Russiagate Was A HOAX

FBI Agent “Trump Was Right,” New Documents EXPOSE FBI FRAMING Trump And Flynn, Russiagate Was A HOAX. According to the documents FBI agents bought insurance out of fear that the Russia hoax was not legit and they would be “screwed”

This wasn’t just FBI though, many Democrats were pushing the same lies about Russia and Trump. FBI agents were getting worried that this was wrong even saying “what is wrong with these people”

Adam Schiff to this day is pushing Russian insanity claiming interference.
Its the same game over and over and it seems that Democrats will do anything even destroy election integrity to beat Trump and Republicans and restore the previous administration to power through Joe Biden


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. Nixon was impeached for spying on the DNC with his own people. Obama used the full power of the government to sabotage a presidential candidate,/elect. Lois Lerner targeted conservative groups for IRS audits. The Dems need to be held accountable or they will continue to abuse their power.

  2. The reason they keep releasing polls showing Biden leading is because they want to use that as proof the American people chose him after they steel the election.

  3. The Democrats want to win but more then anything they NEED TO WIN, why you may ask well simple to stop all investigations into other Democrats and showing the world how terrible they really are and to stop Trump from tearing down there house of cards they have been building for so many years

  4. Tim, this doesn't even scratch the surface. Mueller took over this investigation for another two years when they knew there wasn't anything there. Two Years of Investigations and they knew there wasn't Russian Collusion! They had their hopes on obstruction of justice by the President which is what all the leaks to the media were about. They were hoping Trump, b/c he knew there wasn't anything there, would fire Mueller and they'd have their Saturday Night Massacre.

  5. Anyone ever get the feeling that the only movie ever shown at White House movie night is Turk 182? I swear, every time I hear another story about just how fucking criminally treasonous Obama and the Democrats in general are, I hear the 'doodly-dooo-doo-doo-doo" lietmotif as Timothy Hutton swings around on that cable, getting shot at by the corrupt Mayor's people, trying to finish that one, last, great TURK 182 on the Brooklyn Bridge.


  6. Well Tim, maybe you should finally admit to yourself That CONSPIRACIES, granted not all, ARE IN FACT A REALITY OF LIFE!! One just needs to do the proper Research and maybe has to wait for certain Information to become public.

  7. If you followed Q, NONE of this would surprise you. But never fear…Trump WILL LEGITIMATELY win the upcoming election, and ALL of these criminals WILL be procesuted!

  8. Wouldn't a true Left be for the working class, and against the plutocrats in the DNC?
    So much of what's going on right now is just one giant farce, and it will all end in blood and tears.

  9. Tim,if you want to know how dirty the Obama admin. was,check out The Conservative Treehouse web site and Dan Bonginos u-tube podcasts,as well as The Federalist and Daily Caller,John Solomon and Sara Carter,they all

  10. November 2019…

    The problem with a President elected from outside the system, not beholden to the intelligence community, is that you have very little control over him. Complicate that with his knowledge and disapproval of Epstein’s proclivities, and you have a potential time bomb. Is it any wonder that Trump was a target for them from day one? Obviously the meeting they had with him didn’t go as well as they hoped.
    The four horsemen of the apocalypse…Brennan, Comey, Clapper, and Rogers…went to the WH and presented the fictitious story penned by Glenn Simpson and presented by foreign spy Chris Steele. They tried to blackmail Trump into servitude to the Deep State…he told them to pound sand and kiss his ass, then the coup began in earnest. Do not be deceived. This coup attempt continues to this day.
    Is it a coincidence that pedophile rings are being dismantled at an alarming rate? I don’t think so. Trump is attacking their bread and butter. When Epstein was hauled in…he had to go. Their desperation made them sloppy in their execution(pun intended), but they informed their unquestioning obedient media that there was nothing to see here, and to spread that word…NOTHING to see here. I believe the ONLY reason that they are allowing this story to rise again is because they expect to hang it around Trump’s neck…since impeachment is failing. They are sending their flying monkeys out to spread the story…Trump will be accused of their crimes. It may work, except…the intelligence community and media no longer have any credibility. Oh…and Epstein didn’t kill himself. We know this.

  11. I have also a bombshell nobody will be arrest nor clinton nor obama nor biden only trump and trump family could be and the spineless republican won't move their little fingerd Trump is alone

  12. That’s bullshit. All of the federal law enforcement have qualified immunity, if they were not purposely grossly negligent, which compounds how illegal their activities were. They should all be indicted and sued; Yates, Lynch, Biden, Obama, all of them.

  13. "Russia-Gate" was a hoax. Just one of a litany of high/capital crimes committed by the left, Tim.
    That's the entire point. The truth about the left is not a hoax.

  14. How responsive will the main stream media be now? Obama, Biden, some members of the F.B.I. and the leaders of the Democratic party should have knew they were in trouble and in possible cross-hairs when Hillary said, reflecting on what she and others already knew "if Trump wins, we'll all hang". Now, will the Justice system do anything? Will congress? Will the media? This started with the democrats. No wonder the democrats want to rush everything faster, and have high level people, companies and countries continue to pour money into the democratic coffers (they might need to use it in the next 4 years to push their wrong ideas down the throat of the American public).

  15. Dan Bingino writes abook explaining exactly what happened… Fake news.

    Q Anons start sharing info detailing exactly what happened… Conspiracy theorists.

    How… HOW does the media STILL get credibility now?

    HOW are these people not on pikes outside the capital yet?