FBI CAUGHT Searching MILLIONS of Americans with No Warrant | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar analyze the reporting about the FBI’s searching of millions of Americans data over the past year without obtaining warrants

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  1. But they're tracking 42 possible terrorists. Which only they can tell who the terrorists are.
    When Snowden reported on the sweeping up of the data, congress still funds this effort.

  2. Ending the Patriot Act is singly the Most Important thing every one from every walk of life should agree on and right now pressure there elected officials on.
    This is bipartisan we don’t need the government having unlimited spying power on American Citizens!

  3. Besides museums decoration…Why we have a Constitution? If supposed to be the Supreme Law of Land, but everybody acts like it doesn’t exist.

  4. They can do anything they want with anyones emails that are over 6mos old. It’s open season already and has been for decades.

    Plus, the govt is the biggest customer of social media / tech platforms. You don’t need warrants or just cause if you can just buy the data

    How’s this “Big Government is Back” working out now?

  5. How long have we KNOWN this information? I thought EVERYONE knew this.
    – The highest positions in our government are Corrupt AF.
    – Yet No One in the Government will do Anything about it.

  6. Nobody cares.

    I don't say this flippantly, I say it with exasperation. Snowdown heroically told us what was happening, some made noise, others went "didn't we kinda already know this though..?"

    Nobody cares.

  7. Just as the Bush admin. in the early 2000s knew that the 9/11 attacks were GOING TO HAPPEN, they chose to let it happen, SO they could have their (misnomer) "Patriot Act" passed and bend over American citizens whenever they want.
    "Patriotism" has become a fallacy. Just as the term "fellow American", there is NO SUCH thing.

  8. All of this invasion of privacy and yet they can't stop a mass shooting even when someone calls to warn them weeks in advance. Sometimes more than one person calling. Hey, they know what is best for us and we should never question them unless we are Russian spies.

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