FBI & Clinton Lawyer Caught Colluding During Russiagate

Even though the prosecution of Clinton attorney Michael Sussman on charges of lying to the FBI resulted in an acquittal, the trial itself brought a great deal of additional information to light about the Clinton campaign’s detailed and intimate involvement in pushing the Trump-Russia hoax and, in many cases, themselves colluding with the FBI in pushing alleged “evidence” of a connection between Russia and Donald Trump.

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Aaron Maté ( discuss the real story behind the Sussman acquittal that the rest of the media will not tell you.

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  1. The US is going through the most corrupt time in its history, and Republicans pale in comparison to the level of corruption democrats are at.

    Imagine being so sick minded that you think "What Difference Does it Make" was a normal thing to say after a horrific event, which occurred because of decisions you made.

  2. Of course Trump can get intimidated. If JFK and Epstein can get assassinated with no trace of who wanted it done what chance does he have?

  3. As bad as this story is, I wish more of the corruption would come out. Isn't there a kill list? What about that? What about all of the other things, like Bill Clinton getting rid of the honest news stations? No one ever talks about this stuff.

  4. Why does it not surprise me that Victoria Nuland was right in the middle of this FBI corruption called "Russiagate"? "Russiagate" was the preliminary to her other pet project, the $100 billion war on Russia. She was doing this kind of vile corruption in Ukraine at the same time. And, my, my, my, what a wonder it was to find out that she was DICK CHENEY's assistant chief of staff!!! How did this corrupt, biolab-lying, torture-approving, Afghan/Iraq mass murderer turn up in the Biden administration? Even with everything we now know about Biden et al, I'm still a bit surprised. You'd think "optics" would come into play. But maybe "optics" does come into play: They don't give a f__ what we think.

  5. The FBI was NOT INDEPENDENT, but no matter what it was is that the FBI and the CLINTONS and th DEMOCRATIC PARTY was in COHUTS…ITS OUT RIGHT COLLUSSION!!!!

  6. Trumps biggest mistakes was no doing what his gut and expressions that got him elected , trying to bring the establisment Republicans that truly disliked him and play into their requests ( contrary to his ) ….Never forget when he said " I love wikileaks"…I was confident he'd pardon Assange, but NO…He had to play into the swamps agenda as has done AOC how worst than Trump has sucumed to "lifestyle " of rich and famous she never had…THAT IS A TRUE HIPOCRITE!!!

  7. Key differences between the two drafts:-

    1. FBI Draft:-
    The FBI was reacting to ALLEGATIONS in the MEDIA about a POSSIBLE intrusion into the DCCC servers. They were probing into the allegations to verify their veracity. The statement expresses a triple layer of DISTANCING the FBI from the allegations –
    (i) That it was the media, not he FBI, that alleged the intrusion occurred, and
    (ii) That the FBI didn't know whether or not the allegations were true
    (iii) That the FBI was instigating whether the media was telling the truth

    2. Sussman Draft:
    The FBI KNEW there had been an intrusion into the DCCC servers. The intrusion had also been reported by the media. The FBI were probing into how bad and how wide the intrusion was. The statement expresses a triple layer of confidence IMMERSING the FBI into the intrusion –
    (i) The FBI, due to the awesomeness of the investigative resources at their disposal and their institutional
    capacity to separate the wheat from chaff, had found there had been an intrusion into the DCCC servers,
    (ii) The trusted, objective media also corroborated what the FBI had found, and
    (iii) The FBI was currently probing into the evil genius technologies the Russians had deployed to hack and
    (vi) How widespread the intrusion was or how many US entities had been affected/were hacked.

  8. If the courts aren't going to do anything about it make em feel it at the polls. Vote Red all the way down. This bitch didn't even get in trouble for conspiring with the DNC to basically get rid of Bernie so she would be the Democratic candidate. Beyond BS! Vote Red every 2 years.

  9. We need a better political system so that the legal system is effecting in holding people accountable! Please read the following!

    Unique Method Ranked Choice Voting-
    Ranked Choice Voting, also known for its common method Single Transferable Voting, is a must. It gives more option for voters.
    One unique RCV method is the following.
    1. Voters have the option of listing their 2nd preference.
    2. 2nd preference selections get one-half of the vote.
    3. NOTA (None Of The Above) is an option for voters.
    The candidate who has the highest vote totals would win the race. Giving value to 2nd Preference Votes at half-value would give an incentive for more people to run for office and for more people to vote. At the same time, it would not dilute the winning race totals. After all, a candidate elected to serve must have a significant percentage of 1st preference votes. The winning candidate does not necessarily have to have the highest number of 1st preference votes but he/she should come close.
    One reason why the optional second preference vote at half-value is needed is it de-polarizes races. It encourages a candidate to not disenfranchise voters who are unlikely to vote for that specific candidate as much. Another reason is it gives voters an incentive to do research on third parties and independents because they know that voting third-party and/or for independents is no longer a waste.
    This is a win-win situation. The drawbacks are minuscule compared to the benefits. It must be given consideration.

  10. Call it a Deep State, Call it a Shadow Government, I've called it a Bureaucratic Dictatorship.
    But what you CANNOT call it is a Constitutional Republic or a Democracy.

  11. This video needs about 8 million views. Imagine a world where having common sense, not blindly trusting governments and corporations and telling the truth is a rare thing.

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