FBI Confirms that the “Insurrection” narrative was a LIE

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  1. guys like crowder and rogan get more views than CNN on youtube because people that can go shopping for their news source choose guys that represent them more. funnier, more interesting, younger and not so stodgy like the suits at the MSM, who look like network news going back to the 50s

  2. Telling lies is how they operate. Democrats will lie while there is a video showing they are lying right behind them. They hold firm to the idea of, "Tell a lie often enough, it will become truth".

  3. here I thought I was watching someone that knew what needed to be done. I guess Zed is still a baby when it comes to howthe real world works. if Zed thinks that this country will change through "fair voting"then he truly is a lost soul. what a joke Zed grow up this country has to b taken back by force

  4. I guess the capitol police are just there to slow the flow of potential trespassers NOT to protect its occupants. I know how I'd react if a crowd attempted to invade my house…I'd protect the occupants by any means necessary. Maybe it's just me.
    If you fail to plan…plan to fail.

  5. Politicians and news sites should have severe public consequences when they break laws or lie. Bet that would deter corruption for future generations. 2 tier justice system needs to go!

  6. and yet their useful iditios are STILL dragging it through the mud,just like they have with "Trump's russian collusion!!" even after THAT being debunked as well. They refuse to believe that it never happened,but no one ever accused a democrat of being smart,so..

  7. Communism is stomping all over your face, and all you're doing is talking about it and commenting on msm ratings lol Don't you think the time for chatting is over, or do you think it will all just blow over and go away?

  8. How is every claim by the democrats about the republicans just that, a claim? Nothing ever sticks. Meanwhile everything they claim about the republicans is proven factual, and for those that don’t believe in facts but truth, the democrats are guilty of doing. So ironic. Let’s blame the other side for everything we’re guilty of. Total hypocrisy.
    Sadly the people that vote for them are so stupid they believe it.

  9. The (FBI) can't investigate itself, there were FBI informants in that crowd who were Antifa dressed as Trump supporters, why is the FBI colluding with Antifa? because the FBI is still working against Trump and trying to paint his supporters as criminals.

  10. When i saw virtue signaling wolf crier AOC blast here very 💩 poor performance i new everything was a lie… If the 5 are involved it's a total f the people we have to get what we want at all cost 💩 show!!!!!

  11. Sorry, but what is MORE embarrassing is the do nothing Democrat/Republican politicians NATION WIDE, not just in Washington DC.
    This is NOTHING compared to what we have witnessed for 4 years and then some. What is embarrassing is the FBI and Capital Police under a Democrat Administration trying to incite people and actually ushering these people into the Capital Building THEN LYING ABOUT IT!! What is embarrassing is fellow Americans put into solitary confinement without DUE PROCESS, many for trivial things or just for being there . Nothing was DESTROYED and NOTHING was LOOTED or BURNED to the Ground.

    Maxine Waters comes to mind first, when inciting her 'constituents' and BLM to harass (White) People and Republican/Conservative Politicians daily. Antifa paid for and encouraged by the Democrat Swamp… Riots being 'encouraged' by Corporations who continue to virtual signal these Anti-American Groups exploiting them for marketing purposes to show how "Woke" they are, and by extension, hurting the very towns/cities/people they 'claim' they are supporting.
    Black families are finally catching on that BLM just uses their story's about their dead loved ones to collect 'contributions' much of which goes tot he Democrat Party and never to the people who can use some support..

  12. It was all propaganda and if last year and this year hasn't taught us anything it has taught us that propaganda works. It worked when Germany did it and it is working now. However, it only works for those who are not intelligent enough to do their own research. The intelligent people actually research issues to learn the truth. A lot of American's are waking up to listening to the truth.

  13. What happened in Afghanistan was an insurrection. For them to call January 6 an insurrection is a bald-faced lie, which I knew all along. But will this be publicly admitted or covered? HELL NO

  14. With the constant influx of foreigners that we invite to America, for helping them defend their country, America is slowing losing their original ID. It's been diluted to the point of being unrecognizable anymore. Once those groups of people get comfortable here, THEY start demanding THEIR rights! WHAT? It's there that it all start to go wrong!

  15. Breaking news from the FBI there. Telling us what we already knew 9 months ago. Our tax dollars at work, ladies & gentlemen. This from the same law enforcement agency that allowed months of an actual insurrection in cities all over the country the previous summer.

    And, Deev's right about the bodycam footage. If there was anything in that footage to support their claim, it would've been released on Jan 7th. But it doesn't exist. And shithead Republicans like McConnell need to be held accountable by their constituents. Hopefully, next year, Kentucky will keep Rand Paul and tell McConnell to fuck off.

    I remember when Newt Gingrich was on Fox and brought up something that George Soros not only admitted, but bragged about, and they said, "Let's not being George Soros into this." I just thought, "Fox, you slimey fucks, Soros admitted it himself!" Sometimes I find myself actually screaming at the tv. Which is why I don't watch it that often. Even though I already knew that the mainstream media was full of shit years ago, it was nice to finally not have people look at me like I was a paranoid schizophrenic when I say I don't watch the news because all they do is lie.

    Basically, Trump did with 2 words what dozens of people over decades had tried and failed to do. Which is, of course, to expose the media as the lying arm of the government that it is. Why else would an industry that literally requires the 1st Amendment to function refer to protected speech, like the words "fake news," as "dangerous." And, for that matter, repeatedly call for the censorship of others? From Parler to Gavin McInnes to Crowder to the President of the United States, they all, nearly in unison and with the same words, called these people "dangerous" and said they should not have a platform. It's strange to hear people clearly not understand how the 1st Amendment functions and why it's so vital to our freedom that it applies to EVERYONE, without exception. Particularly, when the 1st Amendment also protects them, allowing them to criticize the government.

  16. So the democrats got what they wanted, and 13 soldiers' families get to pay the price. Along with the rest of us with high prices, and higher taxes, and a mockery of a government.

  17. It didn't just happen, it was orchestrated by the left. That's why all the extra security that Trump asked for was turned down. And on video we know that capital security officers moved the barriers and waved the people into the capital bldg. Plus before anything happened the crowd started yelling "Antifa" and pointing at them while Antifa was trying to cause damage, which was also on video.

  18. There is plenty of room on the newspaper to report about Covid, Afganistan, and the fbi news. But, oops I used the word "report" which is not what the "news media" does anymore. They are just liars and propagandist.

  19. Amen brother, they need to all be replaced! Come on young folks, these jabronies want to bring your country to its knees! Get the old folks out and refuse to buy or listen to these media that have lied to you. They don’t even offer apologies or retraction.

  20. Like them not showing Biden fall, while goin UP the steps; remember, when Trump slipped a little bit, while walking down a small ramp. They blew that shit up, fake news is so obvious now. Now I understand why it’s called the Great Awakening ✝️

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