FBI COVERS UP Jan 6 Role, Starts ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Unit | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar break down the tactics being used by the FBI and supportive Democrats in Congress to cover up the role intelligence agencies played in fomenting the January 6th Capitol riot

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  1. It is silly to think an FBI agent would divulge anything in a senate hearing that would be used only for fodder and conspiracy theory. Whether there was 1, 12, or 40 there, why would she say a word? He is obviously going to say whatever he wanted to say, she might as well not have been there. He is a highly partisan senator, she'd say the same thing to them other other than Potus in a private meeting. Even then, probably not.

  2. The FBI is not accountable to a conspiracy theorist on national television. They answer to those that need to know, and Potus as long as that Potus can keep a secret.

  3. Brilliant theater! Refusing to answer the corporate senator shows the power of the deep state and plants the seed in any future dissenters. Imagine youre rebelling against this tyranny and now you have to start doubting the men leading the charge for fear that they are really working for the corporate state!! Brilliant theater!!

  4. I went fro lifelong Dem to feeling sick to my stomach every time they open their mouths. I will never vote blue again. They are straight up evil liars calling more than half of Americans racists and then expecting their votes.

  5. Of course the FBI are beyond any accountability, just read ‘Denial of Justice’ by Mark Shaw on the death of Dorothy Kilgallen, the only reporter at Jack Ruby’s trial (murderer of JFK’s patsy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald) who interviewed Ruby in person not once but twice. After the interviews soon after she died mysteriously. What happened the day she died isn’t mysterious, the FBI came to her death bed and confiscated all her notes from that trial and her two interviews with Ruby never to see the light of day. I recommend all to read the book. The FBI elite upper crust in charge act to protect the rich and powerful first and foremost.

  6. I’ve tuned out of the discussion over 1/6 a long time ago. I live in a congressional district in California that will be in play in November and the Democratic challenger trying to rematch the Republican incumbent to win the seat. I saw her Facebook campaign page recently where she compared him to the rioters on 1/6. And if that’s her main talking point against him she’ll lose by an even larger margin than she did in 2020. For me I don’t want to hear discussion about 1/6 because it’s just a way to justify increasing the security state.

  7. I’d love to know just how much Nancy Pelosi knew about all of this. It might explain why she refused Trump’s offer to send in the National Guard. Did you have some nefarious plans, Nancy?

  8. So the FBI is planning on instituting a domestic terrorism unit? They hire the ex-ATF agents who participated in the WACO massacre? Ruby Ridge? Boston Marathon Massacre Suspect's Buddy's "interrogation" and shooting with no transcript/recording? Yeah, I totally believe they're planning on starting a unit to commit domestic terrorism.

  9. One of the ironies of the January 6th insurrection event which was a failed political coup…
    the situation of the Democratic Party Primary election very much was not a democratic process itself…
    but a kind of “coup” undermining democratic principles and processes to appease the corporate corruption influence agendas and special interests.
    Because the corruption culture influences wanted the status quo maintained.
    The cheating, misrepresentation and corruption is a political epidemic crisis.
    Yet each side whitewashes their agendas, actions and lack of integrity while calling out the other side except where they have both accepted campaign contributions from the same donors…

  10. It's the ol' double standard folks…..trying to sweep it under the rug because it was a bunch of white Americans instead of brown-skinned 'terrorists'. Look how the FBI treated BLM protesters and supporters. I got news for you…..plenty of non-Black Americans came out to support BLM!!

  11. From bad seeds come bad fruit. J. Edgar was a cross dressing sumbitch who used the threat of commies to ruin lives in Hollywood and other places throughout the US. They have great PR, most people think they are iconic while they are the opposite. So why expect them to be anything better now?

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