FBI Cyber Chief Left SPEECHLESS When Gaetz Asks Where Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is

The FBI’s Cyber Chief was left SPEECHLESS when Rep. Matt Gaetz asked him where Hunter Biden’s laptop is. WATCH Biden get confused when Doocy uses his own words against him:

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  1. Bill Clinton met with the FBI director back when Trump was going after his wife. I guarantee you the FBI's doing nothing but cover not the Democrats s***. And I almost definitely guarantee you that the statue of limitations are going to be up before anything true and definitive come out. No one's going to serve a day in jail for this no one's going to lose their presidency and no one's going to have to pay more money then they won't even notice. Everyone needs to wake the fuk up. We had our Revolution against the British and in every major country there has been a revolution against their government. Marie Antoinette said let them eat cake and they cut off her head and put it on a cake pan. Nancy Pelosi said let them eat ice cream so I could see her head in a gallon container. Until something like that happens these people will never be held accountable and there will always be people to do worse because they know they can get away with it American people won't stand up and stop it the way it should be stopped

  2. Hunter Biden’s laptop went in the front door of the FBI and straight out the back door where it was melted down for scrap on directions of the Democratic Party. It was then put on a ship heading for the deepest hole on earth where it was weighted and tossed overboard never to be seen again. That’s just my thoughts on the subject. The man that had it should have made a complete copy of the hard drive before turning it over to the FBI.

  3. Frustrating to even listen to this exchange. Just SACK the whole damn corrupt department or, even better, close it down and put all the heads in prison until the laptop shows up.

  4. I’ve seen the contents of this laptop, as have tens of thousands of people. To say I was shocked at the deprivation this puke exhibits makes one wonder of his upbringing. Maybe it’s time congress show their peers just how this man acts behind closed doors.

  5. Yes show the contents, inclusive of the Obama daughters American Express Black card with a white substance on it as it lies on the bed of Hunter and a naked woman. Shocking

  6. Unless it was about Trump you would know everything. In fact you probably have 50 other FBI agents you never even saw or looked at the laptop saying it was compromising the White House

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