FBI Had Possession of Biden-Burisma Wire Transfers—Why Didn’t They Do Anything About it?

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton interviewed former mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani on the latest news surrounding the Biden-Burisma corruption scandal.



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Written by Judicial Watch


  1. If America doesnt Win on Nov 3rd….All of this is moot….Whether it becomes common knowledge or not….When the Treasonous Democrats say they will prosecute Trump ….they mean it….for what you might ask…..Does it matter?….It will be fabrication..just like everything else they vomit..

  2. The FBI and the intelligence agencies are part of the problem because they are corrupt and supported the coup attempt from the start.
    Why do you think they still have the monster J.Edgar Hoover emblazoned across the front of their headquarters, if not to give the middle finger ( love digit ) to the populace.
    The FBI was founded on corruption.

  3. The swamp is going to steal the election and all of this will go away. Durham and Barr have slow played long enough to get us to the election and now that will go away too! Scotus just gave away Penn and NC and our media is on the side of those that would give our country to our enemies on a silver platter!!! The fix is in. What ya going to do about it???????

  4. We tend to forget President Barak Obama made it his goal to WEAPONIZE the FBI, CIA, DOJ, IRS, and Pentagon against Christians, Consevatives, and the Constitution. He had 8 years to do this. When Trump took office he had no way of knowing who the weaponized personnell were in each institution, nor the time to fire them all. Also the media would have turned him into a nonstop pairah if he actually did try to drain the swamp James Comey, for example, used the FBI as a weapon of war against conservatives and Trump, and he was more interested in destroying conservatives than upholding the law. The FBI intentionally hides evidence and refuses to prosecute Democrats and liberals of crimes and run interference or protection for criminal democrats. More or less, this is what we are seeing. The FBI is a weapon of war against America, and Obama created that nightmare. That is how I understand it. The FBI would sooner assassinate Mother Teresa than investigate Biden Crimes including sexual predatory activity. Biden and his crimes are small potatoes compared to the danger the FBI presents to America today. If trump wins he needs to clean house at the FBI, and perhaps fire a few hundred employees. But how can trump use a corrupt FBI to investigate a corrupt FBI and get honest data?

  5. It's pretty damn deep when you figure that The godfather that no one has mentioned yet other than myself and the victims is Frank M byers Jr. EASY PEASY

    Hunter's lucky bet Joe did not pull a Frank the third on him like Ohio pay-to-play Mafia Family Frank M. Byers Jr mr. Moxie himself inherited the alcohol bootlegging from his father they love to steal billions from women and children they think they're untouchable his grandson braggs how he owns the CIA he hasn't paid a dime of taxes his entire life he owns judges magistrates entire law firms agents in all the agencies he has the most arrogance and filth I have ever come across

    governor-kasich-frank-byers-junior-mafi … -t707.html