FBI In On Sussmann LIE? Durham Probe EXPOSED Clinton Campaign Collusion: Aaron Maté

Host of Pushback, Aaron Maté, criticizes the government probe into former Clinton campaign lawyer, Michael Sussmann. Read Aaron’s newsletter here:

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  1. Rian the Durham probe is not using the FBI or a fisa warrant, the is not politically motivated dude. Bananas 🍌! The fact that the prosecution was unable to use text messages as evidence because the defendants were stonewalling a lot of the evidence is messed up. Statue of limitations and law needs to be revised.

  2. It was all due to a technicality – Susan got off because Durham didn't discover the damning text until AFTER he had filed making it irrelevant. How disgusting is that?!

  3. Wh6 was Michael Flynn's "lie" more important than Sussman's?? He had to sell his house and they wouldn't let it go, If Trump didn't pardon him he'd still be on trial now!!

  4. So please tell me.. how come these people aren’t in jail? These Democrats are above the law and the same rules that apply to the US people, do not apply to these sick people!

  5. In on it? More likely the architects. The whole "Russiagate" hoax reeked of US intelligence. It's exactly how they wage proxy wars in Syria, Ukraine, etc. and bring things to the boiling point. They convince people their elected leaders are "puppets" of a foreign power, then they install their own obviously compromised/incapacitated puppet (ie Biden).

  6. I sometimes wonder if Ryan is really the biased idiot that he comes off as , or if they just pay him to pretend to be a left leaning bigot. Either way , he does his job as team idiot very well.

  7. So hard to prove Sussman was working on Hillary's behalf, psst, he charged her for the FBI meeting. Sussman got off because DC is a nest of partisan dems and that was who was on that jury.

  8. Was it a LIE? YES.

    That is Obvious. You'll notices these leftists can't even admit that FACT. The question of whether the LIE was Material to the case and It was Not. The FBI was moving forward with the Russia Collusion Lies regardless.

  9. Aaron Finally admitted Sussman did indeed LIE.
    It had Nothing to do with a recollection though so Aaron LIED.
    The Democrat Jury said they didn't care anyway. It's a Joke of a Justice System when Clinton Donors are ON the Jury.

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