FBI Leaks Project Veritas’ Private Communications To NYT, This Is A HUGE Scandal

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join friend and founder of Power The Future Daniel Turner to express concern about the rank corruption being exposed by the information the FBI acquired from Project Veritas

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Guest: Daniel Turner
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Written by Timcast IRL


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  1. So the New York Times has turned on FBI because this is CRIMINAL So ANY Court Case against Veritas will be TOSSED………GOOOD For James Okeefe. He can NOW SUE New Yoek TIMES. Bad news, but good for James BAD for Journalist FORGOT about Constitution FREEDOM of the PRESS Okeefe and Ass ange same to Upper eschalon of the FBI

  2. Support Judicial Watch and ACLJ they fight the good fight and you too Tim, forget comply I don't like idiots so I stand firm no I will see about that or this. Talking at my Lawyer is my response. Mandates or Proclamations are for KINGS? Not my Republic…….These are un LAWFUL first place and 2nd make no sense? Except to the people who caused this Crisis and benefit from V mandates.

  3. It won't be long and America will go down and burn. Looks like Communism has won as nobody will fight back. This will cause Civil War and people throughout cities will be shooting at each other on a mass level. The government at this point will join in and kill many people. They will use the excuse that the Americans started it and they just had to get control of the people. How sad. Hope you all have made sure you will be able to fight back, if not likely you will be killed by the government.

  4. I think Tim has had his fill folks, and I hope people are listening. You aren't safe in compliance, who do you think they will go after once the obvious choices are handled?

  5. Fbi raids Veritas after they turned in the documents to the authorities.
    Then fbi steals Veritas's legal papers gives to NYT who immediately prints them.
    Under the fair treatment clause, Shouldn't nytimes be raided and their legal
    Documents be seized?????

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