FBI Presence CONFIRMED In Storming Of Capitol On January 6

Krystal and Saagar respond to new reporting confirming that the FBI had at least one known informant who stormed the Capitol on January 6th

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  1. People first stormed the building while the Trump supporters were still at the rally a good ways away. The Trump supporters from the rally were then let into the building after the rally ended. If that doesn't scream "typical FBI entrapment scheme" I don't know what does.

  2. By FBI do you mean Antifa? and by Antifa do you mean Crisis actor? and by Crisis actor do you mean Lizard folk? and by Lizard folk do you mean Baby eater? and by Baby eater do you mean Socialist? and by Socialist do you mean Communist? And by Communist do you mean Leftist? and by Leftist do you mean Democrat? and by Democrat do you mean Centrist? and by Centrist do you mean Nationalist? and by Nationalist do you mean Republican? and by Republican do you mean Trumpist? and by Trumpist do you mean Qultist? and by Qultist do you mean Nazi? and by Nazi do you mean Woke? and by Woke do you mean Sheep?

  3. The question is, have these alphabet organizations come to a point where they will do whatever they want because they know there will be no repercussions? Or has it always been this way and the information age is now exposing it?

  4. It was clearly staged to distract from the summer 2020 rioting, looting, killing by the devilcrats/progressives, and to justify more security there as citizens disgust for congress persists.

  5. Planted by the defense team" or someone "from the fbi, sympathetic to the cause" are u kidding me? No way would the times let any pro patriot propoganda be printed. This is obviously true and not surprising. The fbi is guilty of insurrection.

  6. I don't think anyone believes that they studied plans of the capital to find ways to get in. When they got there and the police force was so understaffed it presented an opportunity that they took advantage of. They did however plan to disrupt congress in any way possible and that was definitely premeditated.

  7. I find it incredible that I keep hearing all these news media people and Democrats say “Insurrection” over and over meanwhile it seems like nobody has been charged with “Insurrection”. 18 US Code 2383 deals with Insurrection and Sedition but I haven’t heard of anybody from January 6th being charged under it. Also I never hear any Democrats or so called Journalists say “alleged insurrectionists”

  8. As an outsider looking in, watching Jan 6 as it happened, I never, ever bought the mainstream media "insurrection" narrative. It was a demonstration, that became a riot once they saw how easy it was to get inside the building. After watching a year of Antifa and BLM riots in the USA, these really did seem pretty tame. The democratic party just rubbed their hands with glee and jumped fully on the "insurrection" ban waggon to attack Trump. The more I have learned over the year has only just added to that opinion. Add an unarmed white woman being shot dead by a black police officer (with a worrying record on hand gun safety) only added to the madness. FBI finally say no "planning or plot" and there active involvement? A very flaccid insurrection indeed.

  9. The FBI has proven in documents over many decades that it is actually a criminal organization bent on controlling the government. How many times have we heard of them infiltrating groups in order to instigate crimes so that those groups never gain enough of the masses support? It’s basically their job to infiltrate any group that questions the oligarchy. They did it to every single group peaceful or otherwise.

    The FBI is a tax funded group that works for the wealthy. Maintaining their ever increasing authoritarian regime.

  10. should scare you even more is how the FBI reacts only after the fact. shouldn't they be experts by now at detecting T word activities. nothing should be able surprise them. they should be on top of things. what does the capital storming say about CIA and the FBI in the eyes of much more extreme eyes lurking in the shadows. what does that say about the evil eyes as well for not recognizing this weakness and exploiting it to the fullest. i guess they are equally ignorant. which is a good thing for now.

  11. COINTELPRO (syllabic abbreviation derived from Counter Intelligence Program) (1956–1971) was a series of covert and illegal projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic American political organizations.

  12. I don't understand how we can watch months and months of mob violence and still look for a vast conspiracy when it goes after the people in power. I'm pretty sure I watched people burn down police stations and take over city blocks, I don't see how the politicians thought it wasn't coming for them eventually. When you let the mob do what it want it does what it wants.

  13. Saagar is full of it! He makes too many assumptions to even remember any of his point! There are no facts here! “The FBI hasn’t denied this.” Are you F’ing kidding me? Such a hack take! These two are morons!

  14. I pointed out this possibility as it happened, that this was all probably a Psy-Ops, perpetrated by factions who wanted to see Biden sworn into office without any real opposition or examination of the voting results and potential tampering.

    It completely manipulated the narrative and focus of the people and institutions.

    By staging this, not only did they further demonize the 'Right' as a whole in the eyes of 'Left' (See "AAMON animations") with the Neo-Liberals now believing due to the examples set by the Trump administration and the Alt-right that they were given carte blanche to act like a fanatical cult who can freely abuse their power with blatant corruption and oppress/harass anyone who opposes them.

    FBI were involved,
    The Capitol Police present and on duty were involved,
    FACEBOOK was involved.
    News Media outlets were involved,
    Government and corporate Think Tanks were involved,
    The "false leaders" of the Right orchestrating this set up, who were informants given light punishments and hidden away, were in on it and involved.

    People are so divided by partisan tribalism they're ALL easily played (on both sides) by intelligence organizations and media.

    They dropped the proverbial pebble into the pond of society to get the cultural ripples they wanted to generate.

    Storming of the Capitol WAS a Psy-Op meant to lubricate Biden's easy slide into the White House.

  15. As much as the Trump cult followers hate the media…….why didn't these dangerous "insurrectionists " brutally assault the journalists there at the capital? These Trump cult followers are just overly triggered useful idiots.

  16. It was sold as safety of the people, but in reality it was meant to be protecting the private property of billionaires and corporations form people! That's why they need to spy on "everyone", because everyone is to be policed to defended against. It was never meant for people's safety!

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