FBI Raid Of Trump BACKFIRES, Voters Think It’s Political & Now More Likely To Vote

Guest: Naomi Wolf
Author, “The Bodies Of Others”

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  1. I was not likely to vote for Trump. I’ve been a reliable Libertarian voter. 2024? Trump it is. Why do the political elite fear him so much? Remember the old saying “Your friends come and go but your enemies accumulate”

  2. Money's coming in big time for Trumps 3rd win and people that haven't supported Trump now are. There's a 90 grace period to investigate a political opponent. This was at 100 days out and l am sure joe is pressuring garland to take out the man he hates. A real president 45 DJT

  3. Was on the fence on voting trump or voting whoever the independent candidate is. This just sealed it and trump has my vote. Congrats dems 👏 I doubt I'm the only centrist who's thinking this and I encourage everyone to please please please go out and vote. Vote for whoever you feel best fit to lead our nation and who puts America and its people first.

  4. Ian's comment is probably the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard…pardon Hunter Biden? No! Prosecute Hunter Biden to the fullest extent of the law! Make an example of him!

  5. Ian is the perfect of example why weed shouldnt be legal, people without it are already very dumb here in America, no need to had drugs on top of that …

  6. None of the crimes on Jan 6th warrant jail terms period, little lone over 1.5yrs of solitary confinement. Hunter Biden has bought children for sex, with and without sex, exploiting his father's position through extortion. That isn't tit for that. He needs to be held accountable. As should those at Jan 6. However if you watched any of the videos you would see the cops committed more crimes. Walking thru the Capital and conspiracy/sex crimes/using federal money for it and for drugs. Disgusting you would let him off

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