FBI Raids Black Socialist Group Over Alleged Russia Ties

On Friday morning the FBI staged a “no-knock” raid on the offices and homes of officials with the Uhuru Solidarity Movement and the African People’s Socialist Party. According to the FBI, the black liberation groups were targeted over alleged ties to Russia and possible tampering with American elections.

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss why the FBI might be targeting groups with so little power or influence over Russiagate nonsense.

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  1. Wow, thank God the government didn't kill them! This is an acknowledgement that they know that they're not winning the propaganda war and are trying to silence opinion.

  2. FBI & CIA should spend more time on our corrupt government officials ie; the Biden crime family. Oh waite for it the FBI are in bed with our government. Ummm we the people need to wake up and take a stand and vote all these corrupt agency's and political grifters out and control of our lives and our world…

  3. Kind of reminds me of the "MOVE" Bombings in Philly. Only reason I even know about it is beacuse my Dad had my brothers on a trip to philly from Baltimore the day it happened,and he told me about it. It's gone largely unnoticed by the public. They straight up fire bombed a poor black neighborohood in philly in the 80's and burned down several blocks. Killed 11 people and left 250 people homeless

  4. What's going on in America?! Why are they creating so many enemies, socialist left ,extremist right, Radical Islam, Christian right, etc, etc. Interestingly they think Putin is left!!! Putin's best friends in Europe are Hungarian president, Orban, and Mary Le Pen and both are far right. In fact Putin changed direction many years ago, ergo there is no way a socialist left give a damn about Putin. Socialist are all after peace and against any bloody war + proliferation of millitary. Ergo, this created a confusion for FBI because The US & the UK are against peace and rediculously any talk of peace are shut up and considered as backing Putin!!! Any body against the war is human and respect humanity, the rest are each others puppet and arms manufacturers are their puppeteers.! End of.

  5. To think they allowed the Chinese trained and funded BLM movement terrorize this country for years, burning cities and hurting people, But a bunch of socialists that as far as I know didn't commit any major crime get raided and smeared by the FBI. What a joke this country has become.

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