FBI Raids Project Veritas, Showing Ashley Biden Diary Bits are Probably Real

This is a confirmation of the diary being real:


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  1. Didn't Creepy Joe say that he hurt himself chasing a dog around in the shower?
    …. I guess there's a lot to learn about what goes on in Sniffy Joe's shower…..
    Let's go Brandon.

  2. Your call handle is the gayest, weekest, wanna be like the cool kids (who are really aholes) crap! Btw your look isnt far off! Oh yeah ….hint satan is a little spoiled whiny bitch!
    To him and his buddy brandon, lets go!
    Straight back to h.e LL

  3. I don't understand how the FBI even has jurisdiction. Burglary or theft is going to fall on local law enforcement, and a stolen diary is going to be at the bottom of their to do list.

  4. this whole thing smells of a set up. me thinks this thing was planned and executed to entrap PV. not just the raids. starting with the diary being "found".

  5. Sounds like Styx didnt even listen to Okeefes statement video. He goes into exactly what PV had in hand but couldnt verify so the diary was handed over to the police to investigate. Theres zero reason for the fbi to raid homes other than to see what else PV knows about.

  6. With the FBI obviously being weaponized and no longer needing any legal proof to raid anyone they want, I am amazed that some people think that is the "new normal" and acceptable.

  7. Gustopo agency's! Even this is to target idealogical opposition . All thats happening is attacking individualism the very foundation of this constitutional republic
    Its all about seeding minds with community blame. Be critical of others rather than ones self . Its opposite wired minds. Drown in Nihlism

  8. I want more than anything for these degenerates pretending to be pillars of virtue to be exposed for what they really are in front of the world and all of their brain dead supporters….that’s the 1 thing I want to see in this world, but I won’t hold my breath

  9. The FBI really shouldn't be "Resident Brandon's" personal lap dogs anyway. Don't they have better things to do than go after missing diaries? Or are they really as politically compromised as we've all suspect them to be.

  10. My grandfather had Alzheimers despite the fact he, apart from mental health, was healthy in every other way. Above six foot in height and being a former military airman who grew up in the Midwest; he could in his old age pick me up and throw me in states of confusion. We hardly went out to major public areas because he would grab any women in an attempt to grope their bodies. That was not something he had ever done before; a devote Baptist and lived with extreme hieghts of moral ethics. He didn't have a secret life of being a ladies man like Hunter Biden; although it's not like the Bidens try to hide their disgusting behavior anyways.

  11. FBI is nothing but a Brown shirt Agency of the Democrat Party. They have no credability after they destroyed Hillary Clintons blackberries and Laptops. And never released info on Hold My Weiner Anthony Weiner laptop.

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