FBI RAIDS TRUMP: Everything You Need To Know | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar give viewers everything you need to know about the FBI raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago compound in Florida in search of classified documents

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Bradley P. Moss:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. We are witnessing UNPRECEDENTED abuse of separation of powers.


    Even though we’ve had some heinous psychopath Presidents in history.

    That’s it Krystal.
    That’s the end of monologue.👍

  2. The Swamp really needs to be cleaned out. My goodness, he's out of office. Yes, he was unpresidential, yes he was an outsider. He was very great for the economy, he was great on foreign policy. Much better than Biden on both of those.

  3. Claiming secrecy violations was just the ruse to get the warrant. What they are really after is all the dirt Trump has on Hunter, Hillary and The Big Guy, in order to make sure he can't use it come election time.

  4. Democrats just can’t stop their hypocrisy. You’re going after Donald Trump for classified materials violations…🤔
    Who do we know that broke multiple classification rules and statutes; had their staff destroy subpoenaed electronic devices🤔 whoooo could it beeee…

  5. I do wish the media (Fox and all others) reported straight news like you did. Both sides are going beyond what was known at the time you recorded this. This is straight news, the rest is all opinion. I have an opinion on this but I subscribe to you for honest facts and analysis even it it does not fit your own personal beliefs.

  6. With all the certainty that Hunter Biden has broken the law and compromised the country, the justice department has yet to do anything. Americans are watching.

  7. If the prosecution is pretty sure that they have a clear-cut case and need corroboration, then fine. Presidents are not above the law. BUT if this is a fishing expedition, where the prosecution is using a novel theory and really reaching for scraps, then it's considerably worse than Trump's call with Ukraine President Zelensky as far as abuse of power.

  8. Dark times trump? why because rich elites should be above the law treated special, i disagree i approve of raiding supreme court judges i support raiding senators especially Nancy Pelosi i support raiding CEOs and CFOs!

  9. yep the dems plan is to force the next two elections to be another trump or them kind of deal. i refuse to call it the lesser of two evils because both parties are clearly demonstrably evil.. as well as doing the bidding of who ever is able to give them the most money even when it means driving our nation over a cliff.

  10. The Democrat criminal empire knows the Jan 6 witch hunt isn't working so this is probably their last hope.

    I wonder if anybody else could be in danger of similar treatment… like HRC and her hacked emails with tons of sensitive and classified data that actually aided in the loss of life for several people.

  11. Gee Krystal you don’t need to defend this 90% of political media already is
    “Miss handled classified Government documents”
    Are they not his administration‘s classified documents as in Trump’s classified government documents from his administrations term and why would a current administration who is combative political rival be granted access
    You guys are really starting to lose me
    Russia collusion , quid pro quo phone call, January 6insurrection .
    Breaking points your personal perspectives on Donald J Trump‘s persona and abilities Practically render him A bumbling mentally deficient amateur But yet somehow all these DNC investigations have come up to be mistaken at best “May 29 versus January 6”
    Hillary Clinton contesting the election in more states in 2016 than Donald J Trump dead in 2020 got her a Russia collusion investigation it got Trump an insurrection hearing at what point are you people going to let go of the bullshit this is becoming embarrassing
    I’ve seen the story it’s a Looney Tunes episode it’s called the coyote (Washington establishment) vs the Road Runner (Trump)
    They go to this lengths because you continue to give them relevance by pretending there’s justifiable reasons I may actually be done with breaking points

  12. The fact that Trump was the first POTUS to attempt a coup on US soil probably had nothing to do with this 'unannounced raid' (which is pretty much an oxymoron), yeah right. Poor oppressed donnie, he's such a victim.

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