FBI Report Contradicts Alec Baldwin Claim On Trigger Pull | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar update viewers on the Alec Baldwin case after the FBI report on the firing of the weapon contradicted Alec Baldwin’s claims after a crew member was killed on his film set

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Alex Holder:

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  1. What's the point Saagar? Good luck trying to blame the actor for this when it's obviously the fault of the props guy.

    Talk about how the FBI took Trump's passports because they're about to charge his sorry ass. 😎

  2. Yea any single action revolver user could tell you that short of a mechanical defect in the weapon and a simple five second function check would tell you that. FBI not needed once again.

  3. Who cares if he pulled the trigger? It could have been a hair trigger but it would not matter, if someone handed him a real gun and said it's a prop. Is he expected to dismantle it to confirm? At the end of the day if you hand an actor a loaded gun on a movie set it's an institutional error, not a crime by a person.

  4. look up videos on the gun involved. It has been documented on plenty of videos showing there is zero ways to drop the hammer hard enough to ignite the primer. At the bare minimum he had his finger on the trigger and had slight pressure on it while working the hammer and not hitting the stop. Basically enough pressure to keep it from locking in full cock and also keep it out of half cock. That simple. His negligent handling of that firearm is what is responsible for the gals death. Two or more basic gun safety rules need to be violated to cause an incident. In this case, finger on the trigger when not ready to fire, and pointing a gun in an unsafe direction.

  5. Memory can be a tricky thing. It's not unusual for witnesses to be totally convinced that they saw or did a certain thing when in fact they didn't. I wouldn't be surprised if that's what's happening here, especially considering how traumatic an experience this must've been. But, of course, he may also have simply panicked and lied to protect himself. Or the FBI really is mistaken somehow. Who knows.

  6. Maybe I just missed an update to the story, but wasn't it determined the "live round" wasn't an actual real bullet, but it was a blank that also falls under the category of "live round", which still has the potential of firing matter out of the barrel? Krystal here implied it was an actual bullet that was fired.

  7. For the weird liberals that believe guns are magic, I got a few rules for you if you ever come across one of these magic devices.
    1) Treat all guns like they are loaded.
    2) Keep your finger off the trigger.
    3) Do not point your gun at anything you're not willing to destroy.
    4) Be sure of your target and what is behind it.
    If anti-gun nut Alec followed those rules, that woman would still be alive. There is no such thing as a prop gun unless the damn thing is made entire of soft plastic.

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