FBI Responds To Zuckerberg, Rogan Interview: We Routinely Notify BIG TECH Of ‘Potential Threats’

FBI officials have confirmed the bureau routinely notifies social media companies of “potential threats.” Batya Ungar-Sargon and Robby Soave react. #FBI #Facebook #Meta #HunterBiden #joerogan

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  1. The fact that Facebook demoted the algorithm, specifically on stories that related to the laptop can only suggest that the FBI did warn against it, despite Zuckerbergs apparent memory loss on that subject.

    Then you have to take into account the fact that the FBI had possession of the laptop for more than a year before the 2020 election, and you are supposed to believe that with all their resources, they couldn't determine whether it was real or not?

    Then you have to take into account the FBI's complete LACK of scrutiny or concern about disinformation when it came to the Russian collusion scam.

    I get it that these Reporters are attempting to remain neutral, but ignoring the obvious is eroding their credibility on this issue.

  2. Sheesh you 2 it's not that hard…The FBI "suggest" they be on high alert for Russian Disinformation to drop but no other thing dropped, therefore leading them to believe this is what they were talking about.
    Which leads one to ask, if this wasnt them covering up, what was the disinformation they were warning of.

  3. I lοvẹ hοw majοr іnstіtụtіοns and pοlіtіcal ẹntіtіẹs wẹnt frοm slandẹrіng Rοgan (and ẹvẹryοnẹ ẹlsẹ) wіth іmpụnіty, tο nοw havіng tο answẹr tο hіm. Rοgan's a rẹlatіvẹly smart gụy, bụt іt's rẹally sad that a mẹathẹad pοdcastẹr іs thẹ οnly majοr fοrcẹ hοldіng οụr pοlіtіcally/іdẹοlοgіcally cοrrụptẹd іnstіtụtіοns accountable.

  4. When you say your audience , conservatives, are hopping mad could you actually refer to us as people not conservatives or liberals or whatever- we are a mixed bag and want to maintain that freedom while we can!

  5. FBI has become more dangerous than ever… public doesn’t trust them … mobsters had more integrity.. these guys have become lower than the CIA.. become a Gestapo… with mr spineless Merrick Garland heading up the DOJ..

  6. I would wager the notifications only go in one direction. So when asked, they will avoid releasing any details. But remember THEY WERE WRONG. They NEVER LOOKED AT THE LAPTOP. Therefore, they were warning social media using nothing but their opinion without any evidence. In fact, they were ignoring evidence already put forth regarding the laptop.

  7. One security expert said the laptop took about 25 mins to verify as all the emails address contacts were genuine. Every other "expert" said it had "all the hallmarks of Russian disinformation" NPR lost me for life personally.

  8. These lying, anti Democratic big tech companies need to be destroyed, broken up and sued. Just as the FBI needs to be defunded and the management, old and new, needs to be behind bars for treason and staging a covert information coup against an elected president

  9. So, if it wouldnt have changed the outcome, why repress it??? You guy's really are going downhill. When you express an opinion, back it up with reasons. Why do you think it wouldn't have changed the outcome?

  10. the worst shows ever are with batya and robbie….a bunch of right wing cheerleading….where is the balance in that….batya is always wrong and her voice is annoying and whiney. cannot watch this show with batya…..far better with briana and robbie

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