FBI Sabotaged Hunter Biden Evidence to Derail Investigation

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Written by Kip Simpson


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  1. Kip, the fbi has NEVER been a law enforcement agency. It has ALWAYS been protectors of wealthy Satanic subhuman baby eating scumbags, no matter where they're placed in our country. TREASON charges is what they should face, but they will not

  2. Does fbi mean federal bureau of investigations
    Or has it been demoted so much that its rebranded as face book intelligence.
    Still a circus full of clowns either way I suppose.

  3. I wonder if the computer repair guy copied the hard drive ?
    I know I would have just in case shit like this happened ,which in case it sure did .
    Corrupt FBI for sure .!!!!

  4. WEF and World Bank Royals will blame Biden for the economy crashing…stupid puppet that he is. Time to wake up CEOs of every corporation and Wall Street…either you're with the bankers or your countries. F the mafia royals and cia/jesuits!!!

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