FBI SEIZES GOP Congressman’s Phone Over Jan 6 | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar analyze the FBI confiscating GOP Congressman Scott Perry’s phone as part of the DOJ’s Jan 6th investigation

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Lyle Goldstein:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. Well Rep Perry, you just experienced what would happen to an average citizen, had they been involved in a federal crime. Not used to it huh? Being treated like us Plebes.. bet it feels weird when accountability meets you at the airport. Good day sir!

  2. At this point I do not believe any information coming out of these it is government security organizations like the are the FBI. They have lost all credibility with their track record of planting Or inventing/ Fabricating evidence.

  3. Can you imagine the uproar if Saagar stereotyped on the basis of race, sex, orientation, nationality, or religion? Why is it ok for so many here that he does so on the basis of age?

  4. These comments make me want to commit suicide… ppl sitting here saying trump has never done anything illegal. I think left wing channels have a lot of spam, trolls, and bots in their comment section who purposefully say obtuse things to turn the progressive base away hopefully tanking the show. Thing is… Saagar show is crickets really. So many ppl here dont luke krystal but dont watch thr Allignment? Krystals audience carries this show as progressives pay memberships / conservatives watch the free show then bitch krystal is MSNBCNN yet they refuse to watch the conservative show… same trason why TYTs comments are filled with hate watchers…. its weird cause progressives and liberals largely don't go to conservative shows all day every day. Tyt sometimes has more conservatives shit posting than anything and i see that here. The comment section in the paid show is much more intelligent and civil….becauae conservatives dont have paid memberships

  5. Krystal does not know what incitement of violence is while cheering on the FBI taking GOP Congressman Scott Perry's phone despite not knowing any laws that were broken just like how she falsely claims that Trump incited the January 6th rioters not knowing what the Brandenburg is which defines incitement under the law to be advocacy of lawless action that is directed towards inciting lawless action and likely to produce it. Trump never explicitly called for violence in his speech, explicitly call for peaceful protests "I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard".

  6. All the hating comments obviously coming from old cable news viewers, used to divisiveness and endless pickering between any two humans of opposing views sitting on one table. This is a different type of show. He says his piece, she says her piece, neither is trying to convert the other. I hope with time you will come to appreciate it.

  7. Imagine if FBI under Trump started seizing democratic Congressman's phones. I know for 100% Krystal wouldn't be acting the same way. Disgusting. No better than CNN/mainstream media. That's why I have started watching BP less and less. They have gone more mainstream now when their base audience that helped lift them up are all the people that can't stand mainstream media. Such a disappointment. But I guess it's still much better than watching actual msm at least Saagar still tries to have an open mind sometimes but Krystal is just another liberal shill.

  8. interesting…. wasn't Saagar-kun unloading on the Eurobeans for the freedoms they supposedly don't have? then Saagar-kun claimed your smartphone can protect you from the FBI hahaha… turns out not even Government officals are save from the FBI.

  9. Kooky conspiracy theories, fake dossiers, foreign players, CIA and FBI involvement….. who was listening in on the crazy Congressman’s calls? I mean, we all know the government never gets involved in stuff like this, C’mon man! Don’t bother yourselves with this stuff, get back to your meaningless life, it’s all under control here.

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