FBI Slow-Rolled HUNTER BIDEN Laptop Probe Amid 2020 Election, WHISTLEBLOWERS Tell Sen. Ron Johnson

Whistleblowers have told Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) that the FBI held back investigations into Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop in the lead up to the 2020 election. Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss. #hunterbiden

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  1. Yes Brianha, pictures tell a thousand words. And boy were there a ton of pictures. How else is a politician supposed to get as rich as nancy without influence peddling. Unfortunately for the walking undead in the White House, his smart son died and the idiot son has too many vices to actually stay out of sight when peddling and not spend the loot after the heist job. And boy did he peddle.

  2. Bri "Big if true…", we have to seriously stop obfuscating the reality. Mark Zuckerberg just admitted on the Joe Rogan Podcast that the FBI told him to censor information before the ellection. Let's stop pretending now.

  3. Did you really need Zuckerberg 6 years after Trump to tell you what you already knew? Guaranteed he knows what he stated is not going to be understood by those who hate Trump, most who hate him because they are told to, they will just hear garbled words until those words are explained to them by those they support. Zuckerberg only acted like establishment Republican politicians act, they tell us the obvious of what we already knew and know over and over without doing ANYTHING about it, ever. Those politicians are the MAJORITY of the GOP, how many times are we going to say ‘then do something about it!’ the answer always is ‘when we control the house or senate or next election’ at least the democrats do not hide their corruption and we can see what they truly are.

  4. Soave, No. Lame. Makes lame excuses that are obvious excuses, not reasons. Like a cop pulling you over because he didn't see your seatbelt that you were and are wearing. Excuses, not reasons.

  5. Really? The agents who had the laptop in their hands to examine were influenced by "Intelligence Community" comments from people who didnt have the laptop to examine. Are you saying the investigative agents were idiot's who couldn't tell themselves? I understand the public being misled, but the FBI? Stop being apologists for the Pinkertons

  6. Hey Bri, what study are you looking at that shows N95 masks work against the spread of respiratory viruses in the real world. I have only found lab testing, as in the mask is capable of filtering viruses but real world variables negate the positive effects.

    Help me out

  7. So, the MaraLago raid was not trying to interfere with the 2022 election?? The issue about the laptop is that ok, they suppressed the information due to election but, they have never seriously investigated the issue. The reason we need to know about the laptop is the interaction of Joe Biden with foreign governments and companies.

  8. They allowed a corrupt president they already knew about this….they didn't slow roll something they lateady knew…the leadership of the fbi is pd by china also

  9. Did these 2 conveniently forget that the The Mac Shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac turned that laptop over to Delaware FBI back on December 19, 2019 ???? He has a signed receipt that they took it. So the FBI had that laptop in their possession almost a FULL YEAR before the election, and they intentionally BURIED IT. 10 months later, with the election only 2 months away, Mac Isaac finally realized that they're not EVER going to do anything with it, and he starts sending copies of the hard drive to Rudy, the New York Post, etc. If he wouldn't have done that, the FBI would have hidden it forever. So don't sit there and compare this to the Hillary Clinton email situation…. it was NOT an "October Surprise" .

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