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  1. I just don't understand why the dog thing is so important and severe. You'd think they'd have more important things to investigate. I'm not a fan of Amber's, far from it. But this whole thing is a bit ridiculous

  2. Don't forget besides Pirates other mainstream US movies are made in Australia. The latest was Elvis. The US is a close ally of Australia and has an extradition treaty. The partnership of making movies between the two countries is a successful business and Australia does not want anything to sully it. Another Pirates movie is welcomed. The new US Ambassador to Australia is none other than Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg. We also have a new more enlightened Federal government.

  3. WB new movie coming this summer. COUCH down under. Staring A H.
    UPDATE from WB delayed realise date to new year . A spokesperson for WB said film delayed because director stood on a bee.

  4. But, be honest. Nothing is going to happen to her, right? I know this can help Johnny reopen his appeal in the UK case, but even that won't affect her. The US won't extradite her to Australia for this and Australia probably won't ask. Her career is non-existent. How does this affect HER?

  5. Woohoo!
    About time.
    US should be investigating her criminal activity creating fake evidence, manipulating photos and data, AND the purgery.
    This Nucking Futs Brazy Critch SHOULD BE IN JAIL!

  6. Oh man, the world is sick of your BS and your despicable lies Amber! Go be shameless in a quiet part of town and live your life with your precious child and stop bumping your gums to hurt and destroy peoples lives! This drama never ends yet she said she wanted to forget all about it and be left alone!! Another lie?! 🙄🤬🤯

  7. Sadly, even if she is held accountable for her long list misconduct, AH will never admit she is wrong. In her mind, she is too high and above everyone else. 🫤

  8. Surprise surprise well overdue hope they throw the book at her,Johnny needs to send in the debt collecters before all that money is spent on legal fees.

  9. I hope everyone realises this is the "establishment" throwing the turd under the bus for drawing attention to the crap they do all the time. She violated the elitists' rule on keeping things under the radar so the peons don't see how they violate laws without a thought or concern because they're better than the peons. Have no illusion that the turd is in the crap because she's a crap person. No, it's because she's so full of herself and her privilege she thought it was smart to broadcast it in an attempt to show how important she thinks she is and now the peons will examine other "elite" and demand punishment for them.

  10. Wow I didn’t realize it was that deep. Amber even had social media posts making fun of that situation. Unreal how many people she inconvenienced because she only thinks of herself. Bottom line is she’s just a horrible person

  11. I think we need to stop treating women as children. Next time the boat sinks, it's children and the most capable adults first.

  12. It's one thing to lie about another person, it's another thing to lie to a government while under oath on a criminal matter. No amount of public opinion will save you. Running your mouth off will not save you. Pointing blame at someone else will not work. Time to face the music Amber.

  13. Happy 4th TUG hope you are having a great day. I don't think that women really cares about consequences of anything but hope Beautiful Australia goes after her. She just don't get it what she did. I just can't get out of my head about those 2 poor little dogs. They were a victim of abuse too. Sorry I am a lover of all gods creatures. But great work TUG. 🎆🎆🎆🎆🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


  15. I’m skeptical. She’s a (sorta) wealthy white celebrity who knows people in high places.
    It sucks, but I don’t believe she’ll ever be held accountable for her habitual lying. Lots of really rotten humans walk away unscathed when they have connections as immoral as themselves.

  16. Yeah yeah this excuse for a woman just keeps on getting away with everything she does. It’s crazy. She’s going after everyone for anything and nobody has done 1 thing about it. If it was any normal person they would be in deep sh@t and serving time

  17. I’ve read a lot of comments on IG posts from her supporters saying Johnny made her do it, he made her write the email, he knew the dogs were on the plane, he made her take the blame. And, some comments saying this is him dragging her through the mud again. 🤦‍♀️

  18. What !!!!!!!!!!!!
    What normal person goes to another country
    Deliberately breaks their Laws
    Lies about it
    Then sends email
    To get others to Lie about it!!!!!
    This is crazy
    Amber Heard needs medication for being
    A serial Liar 😳
    Oops 😬
    No such medicine!!!!!!!

  19. I can’t wait to the day she end up in prison because if any judge 👩‍⚖️ doesn’t matter what part of the world 🌎 doesn’t do something about it amber will continue her crap 💩 and lies until something happens to her period she right now playing with fire 🔥

  20. If she treats everyone else like sh*t,
    what is to stop her from harming
    that baby? I am frightened
    for the child. Hopefully, someone else will be taking care of her.
    I really hope so.💯
    FBI…get her!!!

  21. I hope and pray that the Australians arrest and charge her as she is basically corrupt and her juice in life is to be a consummate compulsive liar who gets a kick out of destroying people, well watch out Amber because your going to burn in Hell and the clock is ticking 😡😡😡😡

  22. She’s an idiot! And I just saw a video where they said she named her dog after an Australia official! She really thinks she’s above the law! She needs jail time!

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