FBI wants you to report family and friends if you think they are “extreme”

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  1. Personally I do Facebook for entertainment. If there is a story that looks interesting, I usually investigate its veracity. You are very entertaining. Made me look a few times with that bald Tyler.?

  2. Thats a problem all Democrats have. Wait its not extreme or wrong if its democrat groups like BLM and ANTIFA robbing raping and burning places down, which is 100%/100% the case all the time.

  3. Welcome to the new America where the government will go after dissenters aka conservatives. every alphabet agency is being turned on us.

  4. "Hello, I would like to report my extremist antifa grandson. He lit that nice police station on fire."
    One moment please…. Okay. We have you surrounded. You need to turn yourself in. Please open the door for the men waiting outside.

  5. I am MORE than happy to report my family "member" who repeatedly calls for the harm of conservatives flying the AMERICAN FLAG ( on social media btw).

  6. Communism plain and simple, I will not comply. I am tired of pretending this shit is ok anymore. BIDEN DIDNT WIN, COMMIE IN CHARGE AND ITS TIME TO TAKE A STAND

  7. I work in the telecom industry and I will reassure all major carriers have the ability to monitor messages via natural language processing. This is widely implement on the business side of sms but I have no doubt it is rolled out to some degree on the consumer side as well.

  8. Big brother syndrome. If you don't want them following you're every move, stay off the media. Never had it, never will.

    This is fascism like Nazi Germany in the thirties.

  9. When they did 9/11 it was to grant ultimate power to the government, trump was our best bet against both parties that hate the citizens and use us for money to grab more power

  10. You blokes were talking about what you can and can't speak about.
    I realised that there is nowhere on this planet that you can truly have freedom of speech.
    So much for 200,000 years of cultural evolution.

  11. Do like salty does and do an hr on YouTube and tell everyone you're switching to rumble and then you can continue you're show.. there are ways around the censorship still. Fight while you still can. Love you guys!

  12. Actually do both. By making content then disseminated it. The point is to eventually give the information to the normies. But the funny thing is the lefties are watching our content as well. Just like being a Christian Missionary you have to go out there and get out there and show people what you got maybe one out of twenty people might join that's the best Christians have to make to spread the gospel. And the word gospel means good news. We're going to have to teach class to outmaneuver our opponents.

  13. Pusillanimous
    •Lacking courage; cowardly.
    •Lacking strength and firmness of mind; wanting in courage and fortitude; being of weak courage; faint-hearted; mean-spirited; cowardly.
    •Proceeding from lack of courage; indicating timidity.