FBI Wasn’t Monitored By Trump’s Lawyers During Raid at Mar-A-Lago


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  1. They ARE NOT AFTER TRUMP FOLKS.. HE IS JUST IN THE WAY OF YOU THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.. ONE HE IS OUT OF THE WAY THEY WILL BE ON YOU NEXT FOR YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA AND FACEBOOK POST.. They just want to spend all the Social Security they can from the American people. These Bastards will eat there own as soon as they get in the way..

  2. Mr. President. Americans
    Salute You! We Support
    You! I’m a Republican And
    I Support The 1st. And 2nd.
    Amendment’s. As Well As
    The Rest Of Course! But,
    These Day’s. It’s Been Drawn Into Controversy
    That having Your Right’s Is On The Chopping Block ??
    Well, Dear Lord Hear My
    Plea’s!! It’s Your Right To
    Vote!! You Don’t Want To
    Loose Your Right Do You?

  3. The demonicRAT administration, aka FBI, CIA & deep state, are currently using political weaponizing to discourage the constitutional election process in order to prevent citizen’s from voting President Trump as our next President!!

  4. I will cashing mg vote to only one man Donald Trump he already proven to American people who he was for 4 yrs when he was in the Oval Office he works for American people, he’s intention to be a president is pure and honest his policy make our life more easier we live you mr Trump

  5. FBI ordered to have the CCTV System Turned off? Why? You would think they would just ask for the Footage to prove what they found. But they don't seem to be so hot on that. Weird?

  6. DJT & his family had better go over Mar-a-Lago with a fine tooth comb before they go back there (if ever). Who knows what the Snakes could have done to the property. It's been well and truly defiled. Praying for the Trumps. Every decent human being should do likewise.

  7. Kicking Lawyers out + messing with the security footage….yeah, this seems trustworthy! ….it's not like Democrats/FBI faked prior stuff, like RussiaGate docs or anything….

  8. They wouldn't do this if they were sure they would find something = regardless of planted evidence or not, something is coming…probably to be sprung the week before the next elections!

  9. Why wouldn’t law enforcement want the suspect’s attorney monitoring their search and seizure? It could provide them with a legal witness that they conducted things properly. I guess reasons you wouldn’t want attorneys present could include you were going to take something not permitted under the warrant, or if you were going to plant evidence.
    Meh, what do I know about it? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  10. Oh yeah you know they will plant evidence and they probably bugged every room with listening devices. And they were probably sniffing Malanias panties. If I was her I would throw away any bras and panties cause under a black light they probably look like a Christmas tree.

  11. So, the Judge was hoping to find the proof of his Epstein Island trips!? Didn’t Nancy Pelosi tear up Official Federal documents on live television?! Why doesn’t she get and FBI enema? How can she hold office? Oh, and that doesn’t apply to the President! Ffs!

  12. As a Canadian, I can only imagine how much more amazing the US would be if the left wing media didn't brainwash people, and Dems weren't 100% partisan. Trump shaped the best economy of all time even with all the odds stacked against him.

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