f*ck the dollar – putin

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f*ck the dollar – putin

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  1. I wish I could get my hands on some Rubles, but it's "illegal" in the US to exchange dollars for rubles.
    Every state in America needs to open its own bank and issue its own currency. Dump the dollar like the rest of the world is doing.

  2. The United States is the economic power and military Power ! Between Russia and China they have 4 air craft carriers ! The United States has to have 13 deployed at all times and we have more then 20 chinas economy is based on selling products American products to the United States ! China is nothing militarily or economically with out the United stars they will crumble ! I like your content but I think your assessment is way off in this one

  3. Singapore and Vietnam suddenly approved gay relationship. They know they 'd better get right on those issues. It is a quick fix but surely they will remember what they had to swallow and if they can avoid putting money on countries which can freeze or on such issues they will

  4. LOL "Win Win"?????? With the Chinese and the Russian's? The Chinese steal eveyones intellectual property and Putin is hung up on his nations previous Imperial Empire. Your little more than a fool my friend. The only reason China or Russia even has a place in the world is because of the economies the west created. So be careful what you wish for.


  6. US dominance or strength is NOT what gives the US dollar its value. Think – were other countries not as dominant as the US having devalued currency just due to that reason? No, never.

    It is CRUCIAL for us to know the EMBEZZLING SCAM the US has done in all countries it takes over. The overview/exposé below – just 6 paragraphs – shows us what is behind the curtain of lies they dupe us with. Information is power, and knowing what the scammers hide from us will mean we can do good OFFENSE, be effective in fighting the corrupt liars, not just keep reacting as the sociopaths keep doing their tyranny and taking everything from us.

    Here is what the US criminals have done all over the world, since WW2:
    1. Take over a country by coup, assassination, lies about government being corrupt or by threat or invasion so they can…
    2. Implement their EMBEZZLING scam of "privatization", taking over government services & systems and national assets so the corrupt liars can handle fiat government money & BILL THE GOVERNMENT ANY AMOUNT for running such things; they provide themselves with massive exec salaries and insanely high profits, becoming oligarchs and billionaires.
    3. Lie to the public ENDLESSLY to keep us duped.
    4. Praise leaders who submit to US corruption & demonize leaders who RESIST or reverse it – like Putin, who reversed the US plundering done under US puppet Yeltsin, like Chavez and Maduro in Venezuela, like Gaddafi wanting things nationalized and government money going to THE PEOPLE, like Morales in Bolivia, like Assad who said NO to a US pipeline through Syria, and so on.

    The demonization of both Russia and China is part of the multipronged US sabotage of the BRICS coalition since 2006. The greedy sociopathic money ADDICTS hate that those two countries are doing fair deals with other countries and helping them escape US control, corruption, privatization and loansharking.

    Also, vax co's & digital ID systems to control & subjugate us are "privatized" (as are quarantine camps). The scheme was to get TRILLIONS from many govts FOREVER while arranging to squash us so we could never rise up to stop their corruption, tyranny and inhumanity. They tried many pandemics previously to enrich themselves with government money, this was the most coordinated one – and used the most coercion.

    More specifics re "privatization" embezzling: Yes, in general a government can issue ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY for anything that is physically possible; the corrupt know this and have used that knowledge to scam the public and embezzle government money. They take over government services, conning the public about "saving money" and being "more efficient", but those are lies. The costs actually become higher because the corrupt liars overbill the govt for everything, billing ANY AMOUNT, providing massive exec salaries and insanely high profits. And they give us REDUCED services, because their sociopathic greed and money addiction means they take more for themselves and do not supply what they are supposed to supply for us.

    Basically, the US has built a global corruption cartel, taking over countries (and their media) to EMBEZZLE from their governments. The UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand were coopted and corrupted in the 70s; the massive embezzling that ensued by taking over the many dozens of government services, support systems, assets and resources they had is what gave rise to the billionaire class in the 80s!

    We need a successful INTERVENTION on the lunatic money addicts in power who lie, destroy and KILL for more "money fixes". They are totally UNFIT TO GOVERN and should face charges of dereliction of duty, violating the Constitution, embezzling federal money, crimes against humanity, war crimes and more.

  7. Massive failure of those 6000 Russia sanctions also indicates the demise of $ hegemony…as they say every body is a genius till Putin walks in to the room.

  8. Jackson, you are a very wise young man. When you tell the truth that is inconvenient to the powers that be, they will demonetize you. I have seen this over and over again with other geopolitical vloggers who share the same viewpoints as you. This unfortunately is what they call free speech!

  9. Nobody else but American administrations have f*cked up the dollar themselves! That's a good thing, though. Or America would continue to undermine or destroy all countries on earth at will by any means/in any way with the "strong" dollar allowing them such freedom of the zero-sum game. Now that the $US is weak, its wings clipped, the demonic hegemony on the way out, and the world saved! Point in case, war takes money; when America is broke or close to broke, it can't afford a fight as it used to. The dollar will become fancy toilet paper in my lifetime – sooner than you think!

  10. But we see you shilling for the Russians for those dollars dont we, I dont see too many streamers on any platform begging for Yuan or Rubles if you were really a true believer you would ask your supporters to give you rubles instead

  11. I am an American. I served in the US Navy. I was in law enforcement for 30+ years. I love my country. However, I'm getting to the point of hating my government. The absolute and total control of the American dollar as a world wide default currency has been
    misused and wielded as a weapon against those who fall into disfavor with the US government at ANY point in time. Make no mistake, that includes it's own citizens….. most of whom are clueless. And therein lies much of the problem.
    The Federal Reserve is working it's way toward a digital currency. If enacted, that will be the end of individual freedom. You will either toe the party line, or be digitally cut off from everything you own and hold dear with the stroke of a keyboard by those who control the currency.

    There is a worldwide unsolvable sovereign debt crisis currently brewing. Economies everywhere are slowing at this very minute. This debacle is being created by the Federal Reserve and politicians. They will then use it to gain total control over their minions via their wonderful new digital currency. Incredibly, it's countries like Russia and others do not buy into this one World Government load of fecal matter…… More power to them.

  12. Thank u Jackson for this video & telling the truth to the world. BRICS was created more than a decade ago to escape the bullying by the US. Today BRICS has its own banking system (not using the SWIFT system). They trade amongst themselves in currencies other than US$. The same when they trade with other nations. The war in Ukraine showed how the US sanctions can take away another nation assets in US$. This pushed Russia to not accept US$ for the oil & gas it sells. Payments must be in Rubles or in gold. More & more countries are dumping the US$ & are moving to gold reserve. The US is a country with a high amount of debts (over 30 trillion dollars). The US government prints money & issues Treasury bonds to get the cash. With many countries now dumping the US$ & not hold asset in US$, the US$ will devalue & the US government will have less cash because other nations are not investing in the bonds. China & Japan are the biggest bond holders. Over the past few years they had been reducing their bond holdings. Because the US$ is devaluing, the inflation in the US will increase. The low income Americans will suffer. The US government spends billions, maintaining military bases around the world. This money should be spent on the less fortunate Americans living in poverty and/or homeless. The government has not looked after its citizens. It is sad & I feel sorry for the Americans who are poor.
    The day of reckoning is approaching fast- the US will be bankrupt.

  13. It's clear that the world is moving away from the Dollar reserve currency which is good news for peace and political stability loving people of the world especially African, Asian and Latin America countries. USA is using Dollar as a weapon of choice to blackmail and to terrorise the world, but thanks to President Putin the Great for taking a stand against US and EU and NATO terrorists. Forward to BRICS…Long live to Vladimir Putin from South Africa.

  14. Forget about the dollar going the way of the dodo, it is America itself that will be visited with the abomination of desolation. A Russian surprise attack will turn America into a desolate wilderness within one hour. Sarmat and Poseidon will bring judgment to America. The earth will be a curse.

  15. Those being sprayed. Shine a 390 nanometer light(black light) through a one inch hole in the top of a large cardboard box filled with outside air, and sitting on the ground to see what is being sprayed on you! Post it! Comments are being suppressed, to cover up a genocide happening like during WW2, news media no commenting =propaganda, which can't stand scrutiny. Roman Catholic Adolf Hitler exterminated under the guise of a typhus epidemic and now under a corona virus /monkey pox pandemic. It is not Russia or China spraying American skies in parallel lines. It is not China or Russia venting gases to take your breath away in your dwellings. You need a radiation detector and an air quality monitor with logging. It usually happens at night while you sleep and you probably don't even know. Vaccines(Computer vaccines) hide information from you. When you think that they are talking about real viruses, they are actually taking about electronic generated information that they must suppress by forcing a computer anti virus signature that looks for information and deletes it from your view. NATO is the military arm of Revelation17,18, and is about to start a war with China, saying they attacked Taiwan. Taiwan until very recently was acknowledged by the majority of all nations of the world as being part of China. Taiwan has no embassy, as they are not a Country. It was just recently changed on US documents in order to start the coming war. The US has just passed a law similar to the one during WW2, to supply endless weapons to Taiwan. WW2 China was attacked from Taiwan after it's invasion by Japan. Donald Trump told 3.5years in advance how the US would soon be waging war with Russia and China. This is all staged by Rome. The Pope is the King of the Vatican City State of Rome Italy. He rules over the soon to be ten Nations of the Roman Empire. The Country is the smallest in the world, and has its own flag and representatives in the UN, and other political bodies. The Pope rules the Roman Catholic Church, but also the nations that the Church rides. The Pope has 666 on his crown in Latin(vicarivs filii dei). The ten nations have split in to two divisions, which each division will have 5 Kingdoms. Empires in the Bible are referred to as beasts, and Rome's image to represent it is the cross or X, which symbolizes the ten Kingdoms of Rome and their religious beliefs. God refers to this Church State alliance as being responsible for all those exterminated from the earth and history testifies to this. God says,"get out of this organization before its collapse and destruction, or you will be destroyed with her". Revelation 18:4 Get out of her "MY PEOPLE!" Ukraine killed NAZI Pow's because they were talking. Revealing their NAZI affiliations. The Red Cross is part of the Roman system masquerading as an aid organization, but is military intelligence. It has the (M.O.B.) mark of the beast as it's emblem. Ukraine was part of the Russian Federation until a Western backed coup in 2014, which forensic evidence told a different story than video evidence, so there was a conspiracy. Western media changed the name of the Ukraine Capital from a Russian name to some thing else. The Russian language, history and culture were hidden and suppressed. Those with out blue arm bands would be put to death by Ukrainian forces run by foreigners. Zellensky says that Ukraine will become a Catholic State under the Pope, and that is why Roman Catholics Nancy Palosi and Joe Biden are supporting the war against Ukraine and Russia. Imagine Germany flying in to PEI(Prince Edward Island) Canada against Canada's wishes and saying they will supply them with unlimited arms to fight Canada. Eighty five percent of the people of PEI don't want to separate. Then Germany says that Canada is flying over PEI's air space, and makes the world think that Canada is violating PEI. Germany sends military jets of theirs and Japan's to escort a woman to PEI to stir this up, a long with 5 aircraft carrier battle groups. Imagine that! Or what if this happened to Alaska? Well this is happening, but not to PEI, but to Taiwan and China. Taiwan is part of China. Taiwan has no embassies, as they are not a Country, just like PEI is not a Country, but part of Canada. It was not Germany, but backed by NATO. The Pope's terror squad. The US and Japan are militarizing an Island near Taiwan, but NATO said they would attack the Soloman Islands if they militarize.(not if they attack, just militarizing) These wars are to hide Revelation 17,18's identity, and to distract you from the 1918/WW2 like genocide. Comments are being edited by G7 Nations.(security reasons). Truth can stand on it's own two feet, but lies have to be propped up. Bitcoin is gold backed decentralized, where as the new Church/State digital currency 2023 will be centralized and backed by cow farts and faith. That is why G7 governments are so concerned with cow farts, as they need to control the money supply. The digital currency was going to arrive in 2014, then 2017, then 2020 and now 2023 Executive Order 14067 sec#4 to control buying and selling. WW1 was when the universal income tax was started as a "temporary" measure because of the war, which was to expire after the war. What the G7/NATO did to Russia, cutting off it's use of the monetary system, will happen to individuals soon. 85% of Taiwanese want to remain a part of China, but that does not stop Rome from fomenting an other war to distract people from it being publicly exposed as fraud. All the fraudulent leaders must keep Rome propped up to keep their own deceptive systems a float. In the West, there is a lot of corrupt media pretending that Taiwan is it's own Country and China wants to absorb it. Religious people say follow God, but in Revelation 17,18 God says that the Church leader that rides the Roman Empire is responsible for all those exterminated from the earth. God tells you there, what the leaders are wearing, Scarlet(Cardinals) and purple(Bishops). Church and State got together and passed laws in the past that only people married in Churches be declared legally married, which is a sign in Revelation 18. People are following Satan as if God. Why tax exempt(Cowardly officials) The virus is information, and a variant is variation of information, and new name =different avenue of attack. A vaccination is a forced computer vaccination. Remember the US law that companies above 100 people had to vaccinate their entire workforce? This was just to destroy businesses. Once you know the 1984 doublespeak, then you will know what is happening. There are two viruses. *One is information that attacks the crown(government/royals), exposing their fraud, and computer anti virus definitions that automatically delete the information from your view. Two the second is a so called virus that attacks humans with signs of sneezing, head pain and breathlessness, like when a person is radiated or gassed. Hitler exterminated using the guise of a typhus epidemic, where he gased people, causing them to sneeze and eventually die(zyklon b, causing suffocation). Look in to the sky and you will see planes spraying the sky in parallel patterns, just before an outbreak. Roman Catholic Adolf Hitler exterminated 12000000 people for Rome, with exterminations under the guise of a typhus epidemic and war on Acts2:44(communism). Rome is Revelation / Apocalypse 17,18 of the Bible. Read, and research it! Man can live for ever, but it is being hide from you, by people who want to dominate and suppress you. There are already technologies to heat and power cars and houses with out requiring any fuel. You can start a car with a key lawfully, but you can also break the car and hot wire it. Technology is under attack, because people are learning about the lies, so Rome is causing unjustified attacks.
    Technology is being exploited to do things that are not lawfully designed to do, and then people attack tech because it is doing some thing it is not supposed to. The government forces technogy to be breached by law enforcement, and then exploited for evil ends. Church/State combine is now working to attack the very fabrication of electronic devices. They are trying to shut down microprocessor production. Why did Nancy Pelosi by military escort breach a sovereign Nation's land where the microprocessor's are made? Think! The Pope and Adolf Hitler now proven to have colluded in WW2 exterminations. Take a look at Taiwan and you can see what they did to Russia happening again. We are living in an open air prison, where they kill in the name of God by duped ignorant people for the Protestant and Catholic legs of the Roman Empire. Look at early 15th century Magna Carta documents where it talks how Rome will pay back for the wholesale slaughter of populations. It says to lock them down then go in and exterminate while they are isolated. It was done under the guise of a typhus epidemic by Austrian/German Roman Catholic Adolf Hitler during WW2, and now they are doing it under a corona virus pandemic/ monkey pox pandemic. On his radio show, Alex Jones called on Donald J Trump to issue mass death warrants for Americans with no time to wait for the Justice system. Trump authorized death by electrocution, firing squad and poison gas to the already used lethal injection(vaccine by military nurses). Russia built and controls the nuclear power plant and would not bomb themselves. Britain training Ukrainians in Britain to hate and kill Russians. Should the US unseal WW2 documents, as recent events point to them committing war crimes against Ukraine and Russia? Were they on the Pope/Hitler's side? Scott Ritter confirms US and UK committing war crimes in Ukraine. Are NATO forces going to attack China from an Island near Taiwan? The rich are withdrawing gold from storage in order not to have their gold seized when fiat collapses. ;;(+!

  16. Dollar is based on threats to small countries, protection to big countries from Russia, China. I am sure many other countries will willing accept another global currency, except for G7 but they will eventually have to accept it as well if they want to trade with rest of the world.

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