FDA Advisors Claims It’s Safe To Jab Kids Ages 5-11. Kim Iversen & Niko House Weigh In On The News.

An FDA advisory panel claims that it is now safe for children between the ages of 5-11 to take the jab. The FDA advisors claim that the potential benefits to the children outweigh the potential health risks. Kim Iversen of The Hill Rising and Niko House weigh in on the FDA’s recent controversial decision.

*DISCLAIMER: The views shared in this video regarding COVID
vaccines may conflict with health authorities. All opinions
expressed represent those of the speaker and not those of any
academic institutions, government institutions or any affiliates.*

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  1. I swear to God, I have no idea why I was so subbed for one of the Tulsi-stans, and to have the other one on today too? You guys have, ostensibly, one job, which I thought was to provide informed commentary. 99% protection rate? No vaccine in the history of vaccines has provided that, especially early in viral encounters… So then the theoretical comes into play. How successful are vaccines against the variants (keeping in mind that variant specific tweaks are awaiting FDA approval)? What is the danger of vaccinating children 5 and up? When do virologists expect variants to stop being showing up, especially one that may be more infectious and deadly to children? Is it better to wait until kids are dying by the hundreds each day? Should we be building ivermectin farms and giving little kids doses each day with their Flintstone's vitamins? I'm not even shitting on ivermectin, but I think a proper peer-reviewed scientific study of its safety and efficacy should be conducted before praising it a miracle… Anyway, you too, be best.

  2. current death risk of "all" the ~70m kids 0 to 18 is currently 0.09% in the united states. all of these ~500 kids that have died had comorbidities or obesity. the death risk of "healthy" kids is near 0.

  3. They actually also routinely give newborns a hepatitis vaccine within hours of birth for a type of hepatitis that you get from intravenous drug abuse and risky sexual behavior.
    Pretty unnecessary, particularly as they test mothers for hep b multiple times in pregnancy.
    Also rubella is a great example of vaccinating children for the benefit of others, in that case pregnant women in the community.
    I am not making the case that COVID vax should be the same, rather I think no medical treatment should be forced on anyone, most especially children, for the benefit of others.

  4. Deaths per the CDC:
    82% over 65,
    78% clinically obese,
    94% had severe underlying health conditions.

    If not in any of those 3 groups a simple 95.5% Statistical Analysis, Confidence Interval will compute that you have roughly a 1.2% chance being in the death group. That equates to a 1-650,000 chance of dying Year over Year.

  5. NPR was running this piece about "should a worker feel responsible for giving their coworker covid and that person dies?" like last spring or summer 2020. And when I heard it I thought wow they've really crossed the line. But the sad thing is that this whole covid thing has radicalized the blue voters who want to see themselves as pro science and stuff, but they don't really have a good science education in the US so there is no independent critical thinking and regard for simple or the most basic statistics and inference. Instead they badger other people from positions where they assume they are correct by default without looking at the confounding information in regard to covid19 which can be resolved by just paying attention longer than 10 minutes. Like the NYT for example recently misreported the covid statistics in regard to children by orders of magnitude- they were off by multiples of ten. They reported millions of hospitalizations for children and hundreds of thousands of deaths in the US. Deaths were 550 or so a couple weeks ago and total hospitalizations were around 65,000.

    But my point is that this same group of typical blue voters is getting their information from these same sources that are doing a really bad job at reporting on covid19. Including talking about what the mRNA immune therapy shots really are- leaky vaccines, and how we could with time develop better vaccines, BUT maybe the bigger issue is that the recent Harvard data analysis that the NIH reviewed and Jimmy Dore reported on says that covid19 rates are higher in countries with higher vaccine rates- likely because of the leaky vaccine effect which causes super spreaders in the population.

    And natural immunity meanwhile is adaptive and B cell T cell based (immune memory) and sterilizes people to the virus and to the variants according to natural immunity studies done recently. So those who have natural immunity are not spreading it, and for people under 45 or so it might have just been better to not have vaccinated those people.

  6. Why the hell would you even begin to blame anyone for the death of someone who is on Hospice <– that's a death program anyways! They are going to die otherwise they wouldn't be in the Hospice program!!!

  7. The place where all this is going .. is digital ID/Passports .. which will tell you that if you haven't had your jab .. you may not do business with your bank account. Can you pay your house payment, rent, car payment, property taxes, etc.. without a passport saying you've gotten your most current jab??? They are going to scan your hand for fingerprints and your eyes .. (hand and forehead) and tell you whether you can buy food, vote, drive a car/truck. We haven't seen the worst yet .. but it's coming!

  8. The general public has been fear mongered out of their minds. And sadly, being in your right mind is a prerequisite to be able to effectively protect your children.

  9. “Irresponsible people catch Covid, so if you catch Covid, you’re irresponsible” somehow I think that statement makes way too much sense to properly compute within a super scared individual’s brain.

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