FDA Approves NOVAVAX. Fauci Wants Public To RE-MASK Amid BA.5 Surge

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine is designed and manufactured differently than the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. The Novavax vaccine contains a very small amount of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, which elicits an immune response, in combination with an adjuvant, which boosts the immune system response to vaccine. FDA-approved protein-based vaccines have been used widely for decades; examples of more recently approved vaccines that contain a purified protein combined with an adjuvant include vaccines to prevent hepatitis B and shingles. The Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine offers an option to individuals who may have an allergic reaction to mRNA vaccines or who have a personal preference for receiving a vaccine other than a mRNA-based vaccine.

According to the CDC all COVID-19 vaccines currently available in the United States are effective at preventing COVID-19. Getting sick with COVID-19 can offer some protection from future illness, sometimes called “natural immunity,” but the level of protection people get from having COVID-19 may vary depending on how mild or severe their illness was, the time since their infection, and their age.

Getting a COVID-19 vaccination is also a safer way to build protection than getting sick with COVID-19. COVID-19 vaccination helps protect you by creating an antibody response without you having to experience sickness. Getting vaccinated yourself may also protect people around you, particularly people at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19. Getting sick with COVID-19 can cause severe illness or death, and we can’t reliably predict who will have mild or severe illness. If you get sick, you can spread COVID-19 to others. You can also continue to have long-term health issues after COVID-19 infection.

While COVID-19 vaccines are effective, studies have shown some declines in vaccine effectiveness against infections over time, especially when the Delta variant was circulating widely.

Everyone ages 18 and older should get a booster shot either 6 months after their initial Pfizer or Moderna series, or 2 months after their initial Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine. People ages 16–17 may get a booster dose of Pfizer at least 6 months after their initial series of vaccines.

The CDC says A person is fully vaccinated two weeks after receiving all recommended doses in the primary series of their COVID-19 vaccination. A person is up to date with their COVID-19 vaccination if they have received all recommended doses in the primary series and one booster when eligible.

Getting a second booster is not necessary to be considered up to date at this time. A study by The Cleveland Clinic found that both previous infection and vaccination provide substantial protection against COVID-19. Vaccination of previously infected individuals does not provide additional protection against COVID-19 for several months, but after that provides significant protection at least against symptomatic COVID-19.

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  1. Why does the Us government mandate vaccines for people visiting from other countries at this time in time . I need to visit my sister who is Ill in America , I am not allowed because I am not vaccinated but I had covid. Also the vaccine mandates for their military at this stage is pointless why waste time and money on fighting to make soldiers take it .

  2. Kim let's face it, you're a BS artist and a grifter typical of the many attention seeking, self interested, con artist demagogues who are out there just trying to make a buck.

  3. I was originally interested in this vaccine about 18 months ago but now what's the point? My wife and I already had covid and we're both healthy and not at risk. Why get a vaccine for an outdated virus version. Getting Novaax will be like going down to Walgreens and asking for the 2020 flu vaccine shot, no benefit, all risk. Hard pass……

  4. in my area most people are on their second dose of covid at least and jabbed or not they are as sick as each other the only ones getting very sick or dying are immune compromised with comorbidities
    why is everyone wanting to keep playing the game LOL wake up

  5. I and many Americans are done with this, no more masks, no more shut downs, no more shots..DONE and DONE. The Government is Gaslighting all of us. The Drug industry is just creating a permanent market.

  6. Farmer's don't get their livesstock vaccinated becuase they love the animals they do it to protect their investment your all livestock not humans anymore!!

  7. Try the Covid vaccines – "They cure what ails you." No details required. Why record/test/analyze anything, if you have fear (and govt) selling your product for you. This isn't a mistake…they're intentionally not doing the analysis.

  8. Nova VAX vaccine is proven technology Pfizer Moderno or mRNA experimental technology how in the world with the FDA approved experimental technology before proven technology? Could there be money involved?

  9. Published numbers; 21,000 new cases , 24 deaths w covid as cdc says 94 pct of dwsths are w cpvid not of
    Covid. Laugjable. Less deadly than flu??? U decide from the real numbers

  10. Sad! None of my parents or in-laws are vaxxed. Two had C19 so mild, they didn't even know they had it until tests confirmed. They are 72 and 79 years old.

    If they had taken the jabs, the docs would have credited the shots with their C19 being mild. All a scam!

  11. This plan was designed to never end, and it will continue as long as people act like beat dogs.

    If you are not questioning the narrative and "science" by now, shame on you for having a smooth brain.

  12. You can get infected in advertently and transmit it. What a silly thing to say that is life Dr. Fauci that’s what viruses do it’s natural it’s part of nature we can’t live in fear you will not force us into a fear state of mind anymore

  13. Fact check; more people are dying from obesity and it’s complications now than Covid. But the governments not stepping in to force any obesity measures why?

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