FDA CALLS OUT J&J For Fishy Booster Shot Data | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar provide the current news on booster shots out of the FDA, including the questionable data being presented by pharma giant Johnson & Johnson

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  1. I'll go Joe Rogan route and say the hell with that I'd rather catch this virus that's not going to do anything but give me a headache for a couple of days. Because I'm not fat and I'm not old. With pre-existing conditions. You can't forget that last important part. Probably the most important part as well because I think you can be old with no pre-existing conditions and not have any problems along with being fat but the fatter you are the less a chance you're going to be able to fight it off

  2. I’m sorry Krystal – you’re so blindly pushing the vax and not caring about any of the negative data out there. (And Saagar just nods like a puppy dog.). I thought you were a little smarter than that. Unsubscribing.

  3. The fact that they're disagreement among the FDA in the pharmaceutical companies. You fucking anti-vaxxers. This proves the system works. Checks and balances. This is a good thing it's being pointed out. This is not controversial

  4. Well done on Krystal’s part for clarifying that the J&J vaccine will still protect you from hospitalization and death – prob brought some comfort to those who did get that specific vaccine.

  5. Bro, none of the vaccines work. You can still catch C19, you can still spread it, and you open yourself to any side effects. They're all pretty worthless other than MAYBE you get less severe symptoms.

  6. As an expat in Central America I can bear witness to the fact that lower and declining cases in the USA is meaningless to the long term pandemic if the immunity vax combo is not fully world wide. Playing whack a mole with variants can only be judged on a world wide basis. Far too many countries are not transparent with their products, illness and death rate, and indeed overtly lie to the public.

  7. I call BS the government keeps pushing the Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations and to get a 3rd shot. Sounds like J&J didn't play along and suck up to the current gov. Just follow the money

  8. They're obviously lying about the efficacy or there wouldn't be a mildly positive relationship between vaccination rate and covid cases. It does nothing on a population-level. probably nothing in a lot of people too. all of their data is garbage. stop citing it. everything we get from the outside world says our Big Pharma demons are lying their asses off about these pieces of shit.

  9. J & J pare the only ones of the big 3 that refused to profit from the vaccines. No profit for the bureaucrats means you get punished by them. BP needs to realize everything these people do revolves around profit.

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