FDA Claims Anti-Ivermectin For Covid-19 Stance, just a ‘Suggestion’. Lawsuit Suggests Otherwise

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Lawsuit claims FDA overstepped legal authority by telling people not to use Ivermectin for treating Covid-19. FDA disagrees and argues that it was merely a suggestion.

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  1. And we know that the reason they did their beet to discredit the use of this drug which has a 50 year safety record is because they would not have been allowed to grant Emergency Use authorisation to the Coof vaccine if Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine was effective in treating Coof. Under THEIR OWN rules EUA for a new drug or product is only permitted of there is not a PRE-EXISTING effective alternative already available. Well there was. So they had to discredit it.

  2. How many physicians lost their licenses, got censured by their state medical boards, lost privileges at hospitals and got as a result taken off of Medicare and insurance networks, for prescribing ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and a few other meds during the first 2+ years of the pandemic?

  3. i got sick dont know if just flu or covid,, i wos getting worse dayle, went to the pet shop got ivermecten , took it ,and felt better right away, took it twice daley for w week , it just works, i keep it in my prep stach.. you gots to help your self.. doctoer and gov dont care about you at all

  4. Isn't it interesting that an FDA approved drug with a 50 year history of safety and effectiveness is to be only used within clinical trials, while a new product, based on new technology which has NEVER been shown to be effective, in any other application – and which in its latest iteration in vaccines cannot prevent infection or limit transmission – and which can cause severe adverse effects – has been imposed upon millions of people with hardly any trials at all.

  5. As a government regulatory body they have an inherent authority which gives weight to everything they say, therefore the FDA should only state positions based on their approval process and refrain from comment otherwise by saying it's not been reviewed.

  6. l hope they have to pay they stopped all early intervention medications and the world followed ….millions died they are liars …..Dr lost jobs if they gave anything other than the V…..
    sorry to hear you were sick hope you feel better soon

    l pray they win the law suit …

  7. They are LYING ofcourse. And the yt is still putting out banners as to give the "official narrative" an UPPER HAND over any "disinformation" campaign. They don't learn anything without a SUITABLE law suit.

  8. I had my IVM prescribed in late spring 2021, my family members had their prescriptions filled in summer 2022. Dealt with an out of state doctor and pharmacy and had it mailed to me. Never had a problem getting it filled. The FDA and CDC have zero credibility. Their legacy is oxycodone, Vioxx and every other poison they took payoffs on.

  9. I consider the fact the all 3rd World countries not given MRNA vaccines used ivermectin and are doing much better health wise than 1st World countries and that says it all too me..

  10. It’s just like our dear leader in Canada calling those who decided they would not get a covid shot “ often racist, misogynistic and science deniers who take up space”, it’s a pretty powerful suggestion and a lot of folks are very suggestible.

  11. I know there was treatment for Covid before the Jab . On utube a Doctor that was head of two hospitals in California were treating people with , either Ivermectin or Hydroxichloriquine (spelling ?) I can’t remember which one of these 2 drugs , he was using but I know it was one of them for sure. He had a great success rate . One thing that was crucial was the timing of administering it and the dosage . Then Pfizer appeared ..

  12. The Questiom is Why did the FDA Recommend Against the USE of ANY Drug during the early part of the Pandemic, but choose to make people believe that IVM was "just" an animal medication?
    And Why didn't the NIH NOT immediately do a ClinicalTrial on the drug for effectiveness, after Dr. Cory and Dr. Marik recommended its use in December of 2020 ???

  13. No way, they don't get a pass. They put this out and made it impossible to obtain ivermecton in most states. No one would prescribe this and if you happen to find a real doctor and were able to get a prescription, you couldn't get it filled. No they don't get a pass.

  14. Very interesting; I think the FDA's answer to this opens a door…wide open, for all doctors and healthcare professionals that were fired, banned, suspended, or any action taken against them, to file a lawsuit against the acting employer or organization for infringement of professional discretion…or whatever charge applies to the abuse committed.

    Then let the corresponding parties show whatever evidence they have to support such abuse, like…say…an e-mail from any public health agency, maybe even the Whitehouse.
    Yeah, just like that lawsuit against Twitter, 'eeeyy?

  15. The country of India has sued the WHO for advising against ivermectin. Against the WHO direction, India used ivermectin to stop their pandemic and naturally immunize their population against the COVID-19 and succeeded.


  17. After 2yrs WHO needs more research on IVORMECTIN for treatment of Cov19 but can roll out the UNTESTED, 100% safe, 100% effective experimental CL*TSHOT which does not work at WARP-SPEED??? At 8 cents/dose Ivermectin can't possibly work?

  18. In Australia doctors were threatened with a 4 year mandatory jail sentence for prescribing ivermectin for Covid 19 (outside of approved clinical trials). Supply was restricted to the point that is was unavailable to vets or medical professionals. Mabye still is? Nobody is game to even talk about ivermectin down under.

  19. Be prepared for the roll out of the Immunization 2030 Agenda by the WHO. They plan to make it compulsory for everyone to be jabbed with whatever concoction they come up with, and to punish people who try to assert their human rights. Doctors and nurses will be on the leading edge of this human rights abuse, so they better have a good think about their ethical lines in the sand. The FDA and similar organizations will again be the propaganda arm of the abuse.

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