FDA Commish Spreads Misinformation: says Misinformation is the #1 Cause of Death | Implications

Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; Physician & Associate Professor

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  1. Dr. Prasad, your animation on presenting this outrageous claim and your infinitely reasonable objections to it was entertaining. I somehow got the impression you were holding back a little 🙂

  2. What the FDA Commish actually said, effectively, is that Dogma now trumps evidence. (Whats the first thing they teach at law school: If the law deems an apple to be an orange, then it is an Orange.) Power views Power vs truth in a rather self-serving way. What the FDA Commish actually meant, effectively, is that we Elites have now consolidated Power & Money sufficiently that we shall define what is truth. evidence is not relevant. To be continued…. (possibly to our great detriment.)

  3. Thank you for common sense. I am gobsmacked these people get away with such biased rubbish.
    Why are they in these powerful positions certainly not because they are intelligent or wise.

  4. maybe he's talking about the CDC and FDA misinformation on Ivermectin being ineffective, surely that could of saved many more lives had it not been for their misinformation.

  5. FDA also said the worlds most nutritious and affordable super food was bad for you. The egg. But I bet they are not lying about the 2 available Covid vaccines. The lied and said J and J vaccine was safe , remember?

  6. They are right though. The #1 cause of death is misinformation… from the government and large companies. So many companies are claiming they have healthy food or sell things that make you healthy… that ultimately lead to your demise.

  7. FDA also said the worlds most nutritious and affordable super food was bad for you. The egg. But I bet they are not lying about the 2 available Covid vaccines. The lied and said J and J vaccine was safe , remember?

  8. Yeahhhh, that’s up to me to decide what’s “misinformation” and what isn’t. To me, religion is misinformation but that’s just my opinion, not everyone will agree with me and no one should censor that.

  9. And we are allowing this individual to recommend vaccines and boosters to young children!!??!! How did he get on the FDA?. Seems to me the FDA needs to be cleaned out and remanned with individuals who are independent of any link (past or present) to any drug company!!

  10. My first thought was that he is a closet republican and wanted to sacrifice himself to cancel the Disinformation Governance Board. To prove that gov't can't do it. Or, he's just delusional. Like the idiots that chose such a dystopian idea with TLA that is one letter off from KGB. When will the clown show end?

  11. I guess one could say that the claims that meat and dairy industry don’t cause heart disease and cancer is misinformation? There has been research to show that a vegetarian/Whole Foods lifestyle contributes to longevity… think blues zones. But FDA will never admit that, as they get funded by the meat & dairy industry. So the SAD American diet can negatively contribute to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, & stroke. Not to mention the unethical & unhealthy GMO growing practices & Monsanto!

  12. Again, this Doc gets caught in the weeds. The term "misinformation" is just a proxy for anyone that questions/disagrees with the narrative. Ever notice that when Fauci claimed that masks don't work, then switched to masks do work – no one was hammering him for causing waves of death by his "misinformation?" When mainstream press stated it was "misinformation" that the virus was lab produced, no one missed a beat when it no longer was labeled misinformation.

    The current definition of misinformation in our society is any piece of information that questions or militates against the current narrative. The irony is world governments are now THE most pronounced spreaders of misinformation there is – the misinformation that the vax's are safe and effective, the misinformation that early treatments don't work, the misinformation that covid recovered are not as protected as the vax – and on and on. Those are by far the biggest – and most pernicious – spreaders of misinformation in society.

    The whole misinformation scheme is essentially gas lighting and nothing more. Tis a sad affair for sure. This doc – to his credit – is trying to make sense of something that is utterly irrational. Sorry charlie, you can't make sense of this insanity – that's how it's built – to make you go banana's. Good luck with that!


  13. He's correct, gov/biz misinformation is the leading cause of death. Heart disease and cancer are preventable and caused by lies from big ag/pharma/medicine/media/school/gov…

  14. They didn't want any controlled randomized trials regarding masks because they knew the results would not support their narrative. They wanted to use the mask as a way to control us. Mask holes use the mask to virtue signal how wonderful and caring they are.

  15. Have you seen the substack report by Josh Guetzkow entitled, "Is Subject 12312982 the Key to Proving Pfizer Vaccine Trial Fraud? The Story of Augusto Roux" about a 35-year old lawyer from Buenos Aires, Argentina who volunteered for Pfizer’s stage 3 trial of its COVID-19 vaccine (or whatever you want to call it) in order to protect his mother with emphysema & was afflicted with pericarditis.

  16. The state bureaucrats are calling for the silencing of their critics, people are daring to call them out for all the evil, wrong and incompetence they've committed and they must be silenced, freedom, liberty and rights be damned.

  17. Perhaps the misinformation that caused many people to miss out on potentially life-saving regular exams and allowing their CHF or cancers to go unchecked, leading to their demise. Or being advised to stay indoors during the summer, allowing COVID to spread easier within a household. Or staying indoors and missing even the small amount of exercise a lot of people get just walking into or around their place or work, thereby exacerbating their metabolic disorders.

  18. THE # (number) one (1) cause of fear is the DEATH STATISTIC for investigative journalism. Print media used to hire very bright journalists who spent weeks or even months chasing down a story with a smart editor review at points along the way. Think Washington Post (Nixon era); Think New York Times, etc.. et al. The profit for newspapers is advertising, printed is declining, now only the online versions are profitable. Soon all investigative journalists will be metaphorically d.o.a. Now profit centers are clicks on the internet (think this U Too ba channel). This vlog is INFO PORN with an opinion dropped in at the end. Cute trick, criticize someone else for lack of empirical or statistical evidence, make them seem like fools, viewers feel better, THEN drop your own opinion with facts, without fact checkers, without an editorial board. You become rich! You are King Midas now, we attend the the metaphorical funeral for investigative journalism.

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