FDA does not recommend ivm but it doesn’t prohibit it (from Livestream #151)

FDA denies prohibiting ivermectin

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #151 (originally streamed live on Nov 26, 2022):

FDA Says Telling People Not to Take Ivermectin for COVID-19 Was Just a Recommendation (The Epoch Times, 11-19-22):

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  1. I remember a certain so called leader saying that the admin would be sending letters to doctors offices telling the doctors that they could not discuss certain protocols for treating covid. This was the scariest speech I had ever heard coming from the leader in America. He also said his patience was thin with the people who wouldn’t comply with the shots.

  2. “Simon didn’t say” is so true and so wrong.

    Just like the “We never said that the mRNA medicine prevented the spread of COVID. We simply said you have to take the medicine to prevent the spread of COVID.” I was cleaning up my office a month ago and came across the CDC literature I received early in 2020. It clearly stated that it might take up to 14 days for the “vaccine” to become effective at preventing infection.

  3. Sure $2 of ivm tablets were sold via Rx with no insurance coverage (because it was off label and the pharmacist said they were threatened for filling Rx by the insurance company) for $200 at my pharmacy because…..?

  4. In 🇦🇺 Sydney, I sourced the paste from Amazon & a local online equine supplies store. Had to make sure it was mostly pure IVM with no other active ingredients. The family 3-legged 🐴 appreciated the extra effort tho!

  5. They don’t prohibit it. That's why you have to buy it from outside of the country if you want it. That is also why stores like Tractor Supply put the good stuff behind glass under lock and key.

    Their spin won't save them. They think we have the memory of a goldfish. They think we are stupid. They are wrong. Dead wrong.

  6. Tim Robbins recanted his staunch stance on Mandating Vaccinations, that was honest and forthcoming. I do appreciate that. I work in the film industry as a Sound Technician and have suffered from loss of work due to not being vaccinated eventhough I have a Medical Exemption. 2022 has been my worst year in the past 34yrs. I am hoping that 2023 will have a whole lot less BS to contend with…

  7. This is the Charles Manson defence.
    “I never actually killed anyone” while instructing others to do it.
    Same with “Health experts”
    “We didn’t prohibit ivermectin”
    But they did try to utterly discredit it and shamed anyone who wanted it, and politicians acted on their “expert opinions”.

  8. When all the Horse meds non sense was out and I looked up Pfizer was doing a study on a new nasal spray, I am a freak and read all kinds of clinical trials. This goes back more than 18 months. The main ingredient in the nasal spray? Ivermectin

  9. The fda cdc nih all threatened to revoke medical licenses and the Scott Quiner case shows proof that they prohibited it, and doctors win along with the narrative. May he rest in peace

  10. In South Africa it was banned by Health authority at first and then suddenly allowed as a “trial” with burdensome paperwork. Many lives were saved here but will never be acknowledged!

  11. I was one of the lucky ones. Got a script for IVM and my local CVS filled it for me at the height of the pandemic. I took it for prevention up until about 6 months ago. Still have plenty if I need it.

  12. Thank you, I am not any kind of animal but you may have noticed that animals get people antibiotics. Before I go Covis I followed Dr P McCullough regimen to build resistance. I am the only one who developed Covid out of 4 who were in frequent contact that got the disease. I immediately added to my regimen Ivermectin. My doctor prescribed monoclonal antibodies and azithromycin. I was sick for 2 weeks them was better enough To be up and at it again.

  13. Of course they didn't prohibit it. They just convinced the public and most doctors it wasn't effective, made it very difficult to get, and took vengeance on any doctors who prescribed it. Oh btw, Ivermectin and HCQ had to be discredited in the medical literature for the shots to receive EUA classification… Just the usual depth of pharma nefariousness.

  14. A doctor in my state literally lost her practice for prescribing ivermectin and had millions in fines….defund the FDA, defund the CDC, defund the FBI and while we're at it defund the IRS

  15. I guess I’m just imagining when I finally got a prescription from a doctor and took it to the pharmacy that the pharmacist refused to fill it based on “factual” information from the FDA and CDC. Yep that was all a figure of my imagination… lying corrupt creatures.

  16. Ivermectin blocks cytociskine from dissolving long chain cell proteins cells need into short chain protein the virus needs. Ivermectin slows the replication speed of viruses by 83% . this allows time for bone marrow to create B and T cells faster if you have enough vitamin D3.

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