FDA Insiders Criticize 4th Booster Approval

Should everyone get a fourth booster shot against COVID? Certainly, if the FDA is to be believed. But maybe not, if we’re to believe insiders at the very same agency who have spoken out and insisted that the scientific case for boosters among the general public has not been made. But who cares about science when the pharmaceutical industry has profits to make?

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal discuss the uniquely American phenomenon of demanding boosters for all regardless of the science.

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  1. Has anybody at all addressed the fact that the boosters are still the original "vaccine" that was developed for the Alpha Variant? Even if you like the idea of the boosters, they should be making the boosters for the newer variants rather than continuing to push the original formula.

  2. This is testament that Jimmy Dore is an oligarch owned media outlet. His job is to disrupt, divide, and discourage the 99.9%. He is a look over there diversion bag of hot air.

  3. When are we going to understand that this world is being regulated by uber-thugs! And ironically the only power they have is the power we give them via ignorance, deceit, and fear. They have no relevance in Nature except as a pathology upon the world- a world culture in danger of extinction due to their very existence! Maybe when the earth is transformed into the likeness of Darth Vader's helmet people MAY figure it out what we are doing is wrong- ALL wrong!!!

  4. Even with the other vaccines, I still will not take them as much as possible given the evidence and stats we have now about Covid and early treatments. So far we are doing with the kind of prophylaxis we are doing.

  5. Jimmy, just to let you know yt is f'ing with your show .. it shut down your stream about 8 times during this clip but I kept turning it back on .. it said I had no internet connection even though I checked it multiple times and I did have internet.. also no other vid I watched from my queue did this .. just this one .. yt are Bastardo's❗👺

  6. Imagine if they gave every AIDS patient AZT back in the 80s before they realized that their dosage was off and they were killing people faster than the actual aids virus was

  7. Hey Jimmy, huge fan of your content. You are incorrect to include Breaking Points in your list of “lefties” on YouTube that parrot the establishment narrative. They are very objective and hold many of the same values you do(anti war, anti corporate capture, follow the money ect) It was very unfair to include them in a list with none other then the young turks. But I’m sure you didn’t mean harm and I understand there a so many different political pundits nowadays. Peace and love brother.

  8. Mainstream media has warned everyone that this kind of information is detrimental to our democracy. That people like me, with a different point of view should be silenced. I find it impossible to even attempt to debate someone on this subject. They pretty much stick a finger in each ear 👂 and shout. “Ahhhlalallalalalalah”

  9. Fauci and Bidens and most with him. Absolutely disgusting. Go ahead YouTube boot me again. F u and your booster’s. Governments are nasty. Unfortunately it’s the elite running the show. Fauci gates all were in with the big tech’s vaccine. Totally pathetic. Ivermectin a lot more effective. The jab was only for the elite to get more coin.disgusting elite wish people stand up to these old people

  10. We've been waiting for it in NZ and now it's here rampaging though the country. I'm just getting over it double jabbed over 6 months ago will never get the rooster shot they can shove it up Schwab's arse.
    Anyway I've had worse colds and far worse flu's.

  11. NOVAVAX is the Best Vaccine on this planet, the most durable vaccine at 6 – 12 months effectivity, and the safest of all vaccines (no myocarditis, no heart inflammation, no Bell Patsy disease, no clotting, no bleeding). Sadly, Covaxin got suspending by the WHO organization, because their manufacturing is bad, Covaxin also got tainted with CovaxinGate. Novavax is the only viable option now – the Best Vaccine on this planet. Much better than Pfizer Monderna

  12. They are scumbags. They are ok with 3rd but not fourth? Thats literally retarded. Either you are for boosters FOR LIFE or you are against them completely. There is no science that states otherwise. These shity MRNA supposedly give protection and it is only for several months AT MOST which means you either do them FOR LIFE or you don't do them at all.

  13. Why do you think All these lies are being told? You guys can’t seem to connect all the dots ……. Viruses are as real as unicorns 🦄. Look for yourself!!! Have Stephan Lanka on…… have the discussion. Be the hero. Why wait for joe Rohan to do it first?

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