FDA REJECTS Biden Booster Shots For EVERYONE

Krystal and Saagar deliver the newest news about booster shots amidst a bureaucratic battle between the FDA and other public health officials about their efficacy

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  1. Damn I started watching rising because of Krystal and not really like Saagar. Now I feel like Saagar is more principled than she is. Her takes are always so cringe now…

  2. You accept the statements that Pfizer made about something they make money from as if it has any truth to it? These are the people that colluded with myelin pharmaceuticals on EpiPens! Are you crazy

  3. The Legacy Media and the current administration have told us so many lies, many of them contradicting previous lies, that they have lost track of the main lie that they are trying to push forward, whatever that may be!

  4. Children don't need it. Out of the 679k deaths there have only been 358 in the age range of 0-17. It is absolutely not necessary. And for the idiots that are claiming "life disruptions" you bring it on yourself with compliance to stupid mandates causing these disruptions.

  5. Why do you need to change your voice to a more "dumb" sounding person when you say "the narrative this is about making a bunch of money"……..if you think this isn't about making money then you are the dumb one Krystal. Please go look up the numbers on how many under 35 have died, much less children. Unless your kids are severely obese, or have a serious disease, then your kids have nearly nothing to worry about. There's many more things that are more threatening to them than covid. Kids should not be the focus of our vax program, it's flat out dumb. Can't wait until a few months from now when y'all are saying the same thing.

  6. Last I looked kids under the age of 18 are more protected than any vaccinated age group over 18…so the push for kids getting vaccinated sounds like a panic reaction.

  7. Pfizer: "this will be great for kids!"
    Rational person: "how long have you been holding trials and how many participants?"
    Pfizer: "this will be great for kids!"
    Rational person: "so you're going to ignore the question, then?"
    Random Karen: "yOu KiLlEd mY nEiGhBoR's BeSt fRiEnD FrOm fOrTy YeArS aGo!!! i HoPe yOu GeT c0v1d AnD dIe!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  8. I only have two people out of 12 in my family who got the vaccine, last night they both told me they have had bad side effects and even hospital visits from weird symptoms that started for both of them right after taking the shot 5 months ago. They were both pro vaccine and now they say they regret taking it.

  9. What's highly effective when kids already are at almost zero risk? I mean schools have opened already yet I haven't heard of mass hospitalization in young kids let alone college students and they sit in classroom for hours in ways we know make mask completely ineffective.

  10. These two are so fucking ignorant about the vaccines, it’s stunning. Dr. RobertMalone, the inventor of mNRA vaccines states unequivocally that you can’t vaccinate yourself out of a pandemic. Inoculating kids considering their low risk. Is child abuse. Nobody. Can say those children won’t suffer long term damage.

  11. So you guys leave the hill to have the ability of covering stuff like this only to be afraid of youtube censoring you guys and dont really cover this. Everyone has a boss I guess. Thought I was being too hard on them on this topic, but I see I am not alone. Then I see the comments of a Kim Iverson on the hill and am shocked that the Kim and the hill are actually able to cover this with no fear of the youtube algorithm. Man I'll take whatever free clips you guys offer. But you guys are falling right in line with your algorithm bosses. Weak sauce

  12. What irritates me is where she said other parents asking about your child’s private medical procedures. It is not anyone’s business only a parents business how they medically treat their children. My child’s health records are not to be waded through by strangers I meet at the pick up zone for my kids. I am so glad my children are grown and capable of making their own medical decisions. I can’t imagine going up to someone who has decided medically what is best for them and their family and demanding to know what medical procedures they have decided on and insisting to be part of that decision.

  13. Guys, relax. The vaccine manufacturers are so confident in the safety of the vaccines that they only demanded (and got) full immunity from criminal and civil liabilities. Keep in mind, there is no personal liability for executives etc. in any case. This is for the corporation itself.

  14. In Israel the Delta variant was only 65% protected against that variant. Pfizer booster is mainly to cover themselves with the delta variant specifically.

  15. Yikes I guess Breaking Points whole thing about supporting the shot and encouraging people to get it is really taking a turn… !!!! Krystal & Saagar choose to avoid the real truth and to prop up and promote this killer jabb, and make excuses for the establishment, and act like it was in the nature of public health… Which is as low as you can get as a journalist. And now, the chickens will continue to come home to roost and you too look like a pair of establishment talking head morons

  16. They are ruining the lives of people for 12 days of possible protection. That is amazing, people wake up!! This is not about health.

  17. At this point who wants to go back to normal? We can't unsee these things. If you want people to take the vaccine you have to.come out and honestly tell them
    1. If they were healthy, mentally stable people living in a cleaner environment the vaccine would be useless.
    2. But they aren't.
    3. Their government, their politicians, their predecessors have allowed for the poisoning of their land, their water, their bodies and their minds.
    4. That the antibiotics, pfas, BPA, micro plastics, pesticides, lack of exercise and air pollution ha e weakened their bodies so that they can't develop natural immunity.
    5. That greed and callousness have fattened our children, replaced our stores shelves of nutrients with sugar and advertised soda while privatizing water sources
    6. That the media and governments ruling us under a constant fear state has paralyzed our adrenal systems and we have no ability to regulate cortisol.
    7. We have ignored the science in literally every important way but profitability and keep kids getting up too early for school so their parents can work. We work adults too long at the office and at home and no one gets real restorative sleep.
    8. We've allowed lobbyists and private interests control our world and pushed pharmaceuticals rather than health and exercise.
    9. We know we don't deserve your trust but are talking you with uncomfortable honesty, most of you are too sick to survive this virus we caused and will die if you are in these risk categories. Everyone else needs to radically change their diet and mindset as quickly as you possibly can.
    10. We need to rearrange our whole idea of society and are open to suggestion, help and progress.

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