FDA’s Commish Starts Pushing Pfizer Drugs | A Huge Breach of Ethics

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  1. Thank you for reporting on this and shedding light. How can the people of this country get these institutions to change and work for the people instead of the corporations? What can be done?

  2. Anyone else noticing a massive uptick in Big Pharma drug ads placed within Dr. Prasad's videos. Not Vinay's fault, mind you. Just wild to see what the ad algorithms are doing these days. Never remember seeing this many a year ago. Absolutely correct about the FDA, btw!

  3. Califf should have his licence revoked. He should be criminally charged. He should be fired. Dr. Prasad you are doing a great service by continuing to discuss honestly and objectively these very pertinent current events.

  4. Please mention John Ioannidis’s re: paper on IFR’s. The world was shut down to (attempt to) prevent a minuscule number of deaths? The finding of minuscule risk of COVID virus renders the whole sequence beginning in March 2020. Obviously, there are other forces driving the entire Covid response-theatre.

  5. Doctors are intimidated into the party line. The AMA, FDA, CDC, NIH, and the medical industrial complex have colluded to do this. Its obvious. Hospitals won't get funding if they don't toe the party line. Its criminal and it has little to do with science.

  6. Paxlovid supposedly needs to be taken within first symptoms, I bet most people don't get a positive Covid test until they are way into the disease so the viral load is too high by to make it not worth it. Also, according to my doctor, Paxlovid has severe side effects and maybe all these people are just not finishing the dose of 5 days. Finally, most people just don't need it against the Omicron.

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