FEC Chair Calls Election Illegitimate Due To Fraud, MORE Evidence Of Widespread Irregularity Drops

FEC Chair Calls Election Illegitimate Due To Fraud, MORE Evidence Of Widespread Irregularity Drops. Citing a lack of transparency the FEC official made the bold statements.

But it is important to note that Trey Trainor, the official in question, is a Trump supporter and is the Chair of the FEC which does not deal with voter integrity.

Regardless of his opinion however there is mounting evidence of widespread irregularity that needs to be investigated. Yet media is adamant the race is over and looking into the issues is wrong. They call Joe Biden President Elect even before we have certified the vote, while litigation is still underway, and the electoral college hasn’t even voted yet.

Democrats should have no issue with an audit to prove that they won fairly and blocking the process only fuels Trump and Republican arguments that votes should not be certified.

If this drags out too long then House Delegations will vote and Trump will win.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. Tim: Theres no evidence of voter fraud. At least that I see, theres nothing that points all the irregularities back to one source.
    The rest of us: The Democrats, Tim. The Democrats.

  2. "there's no widespread voter fraud" translation: there wasn't fraud in a majority of states.
    Just important swing states like Penn who's governor said they would not go for Trump… Fishy…

  3. The likelihood of widespread fraud is obvious and you should say so. Biden has been in the basement. When he did come out he made dementia gaffes and insulted his constituents. On the face of it widespread fraud is the only explanation why he received close to 10 million more votes than the charismatic Barack Obama who is revered amongst democrats. You should be able to state the obvious on your broadcast even though it hasn’t been proven in court yet. STOP EQUIVOCATING!!

  4. There is evidence of centralized corruption of the election Tim, it is called an MO. A pattern, every single state that the “irregularities” have the exact same patterns and scams, same voter machines, and software in them.
    Tim even in CO we have real evidence, no privacy sleeves used. Envelopes for mail in ballots had holes that lined up with Republican vote choices, like a window, so it would show a blue or black dot for Trump, without opening the envelopes. They should be private! There is no secrecy envelop inside. They have had my ballot since Nov 22, been accepted waiting to be counted, in Denver County? Never counted!

  5. if any type of machine can be manipulated and democrats cannot be trusted, what would make anyone think that they did not change things. like you said why does the fbi send 10 agents to look at a door pull about a allegedly racist minor incident yet do not investigate a "MAJOR FEDERAL ELECTION" that makes no sense what so ever. i do not trust any liberal they say one thing and do another and just call anyone a racist which they do not even know the definition, they just throw the work around and dox people

  6. Tim, Did you even watch the numbers during the election? Trump was killing with numbers. Then right at the end Biden gets just what he needed to pull above Trump. Its not strange, the media ia in on this treason of our whole foundation. Wake up and stop playing it safe.

  7. The year is 2024 joe biden is reelected and conservitves are jusr starting to realize the lawsuits are going nowhere, they have been scamed and they losed

  8. Samantha Bee says in between episodes on tv to Big Bang Theory fans on tbs not to turn the channel for her show. ????? no one wants to be her expect commies! '?? Weird, is she loosing viewers? I hope so.

  9. Dear bots, trolls, and foreign influencers of Tim Pool’s channel:

    I know you are unhappy in your jobs. You don’t like lying to create division and discord. You don’t like how Duerte was catapulted into power in your country using the same propaganda crime ring. You don’t like that you can barely survive and that your only method of survival is through lying and cheating for an abusive system of power.

    Walk away. Tell the truth. Expose the fraud and the lies and the big players. We are coming for you and you will be better off if you come clean.

  10. So if you see isolated incidents of fraud in hundreds of locations, that is not widespread? Tim, are you having a hard time seeing the forest because of all the trees?

  11. 11:10 we dont need this evidence to be beyond a reasonable doubt, just the preponderance of evidence is suitable at this point… until we get to criminal trials where the beyond a reasonable doubt standard comes into play.