Fed Adopts HIGHEST INTEREST RATE In Decades. ANOTHER Housing Crash Looming, Sorry MILLENNIALS?

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss the Fed’s interest rate hike, and debate whether a recession is unavoidable.

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  1. It has been tough for Millenniels. But same with previous generations. The Great Depression. World Wars. Energy crisis in the 70s where we had to ration gasoline. And trying to buy a home in the 70s and 80s when interest rates on home loans were up in the teens!

  2. Oh, you aren't going to mention illegal migration and antiblack policies? Even when talking about the whole economy? Inflation?wages? The Dems are done enjoy that votes from the old traitorous niccas bc that it!!! BJG you disgust me with your antiblack behavior. Benign neglect is evil.

    And it's not a 35 year old woman making that minimum wage it's a BLACK AMERICAN WOMAN how dare you ignore that glaring fact. grow tf up

  3. My parents bought our house at the height of the Carter admin inflation. They liquidated everything to get out of the apartment we were in due to shootings and drug dealers. They made it. So will the young people today. They have to work for it. Whatever that work is, underemployment is employment.

  4. In 1971, Nixon put a cap on gas prices and made it illegal for companies to raise prices in response to rising inflation. He was a Republican! It was unpopular with business owners but it worked for 90 days. Why is this not being considered?

  5. The Fed Reserve is helping their associates at Blackrock by creating a million foreclosed homes for them to buy in fire sale auctions nobody else is allowed to bid on without a $50 million up front deposit (just like 2009). This recession will rival the Great Depression in a few months.

  6. …this is what happens when you listen to the government. Economic shutdown? What on earth could go wrong with that? Forced mandates, no jab no job, loose your livelihood/pension…nope, I see nothing wrong with that…lol….

  7. There is a real possibility of bank runs due to insolvency fears. And this means there is a bigger possibility of bank bail-ins where they steal the depositor’s life savings in order to save the banking system from systemic collapse. They don’t call it “steal” the just keep the money and give you a worthless piece of paper.

  8. But millennials also vote to choose the government. Many unthinkable "new policies" for previous generations are massively being supported by millennials… so…

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