Fed Chair: ‘PAIN’ COMING As They Induce Recession | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar scrutinize the comments by Fed Chair Jerome Powell where he conceded that some pain would be coming due to the Fed’s fight against inflation causing a recession

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Bradley Moss:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. Exacerbating the recession we're already in would be more accurate. Raising interest rates during a recession is unheard of and contrary to economics, but it's par for the course for Powell et al.

  2. No she's not absolutely right saagar, what does she propose to stop inflation? Printing money and artificially low interest rates are largely to blame. Krystal's solution is more gov power universal health care. Don't take economic advise from Krystal.

  3. Would you prefer they let hyperinflation happen? You still lost your job and your money is worthless.

    Congress needs to get their budget under control and Biden needs to end the war and lift the sanctions if you really want to fix the issue. They won't so the Fed is doing all they can do.

  4. Thank you Jerome Powell… with your manipulations to break American families while pampering the corporations and the wealthy, you gave me even greater reason to feel totally estranged from this damn government and economic system. The issue is not about GOP vs Democrats, or Right vs Left. It is all about — and only ever about — TOP vs BOTTOM. Baste, Roast and Eat the Damn Rich!

  5. IS there some reason why the fed has to use such blunt weapons? Are there no economists that can give the fed a better way to target, say consumer spending without killing business. Do you have to have large unemployment to lower inflation or are there other reasons for this approach?

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