Fed hikes rates 75 points as the market crashes

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A 75 basis point increase and fears of a global recession.


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  1. Most products used to build a spec are Australian based. Concrete. Frame. Windows. Plaster. Paint. Roof. Brick or cladding. Only the small things are imported, less than 20% of build cost.

  2. Im sure they will go back to QE once the stock market sinks like hell but before that happens inside traders and good friends will sell a few days before they tank the market hard.

  3. Can I try understand something, on 1 Jan 2020 there were X dwellings where people lived. On or around May 2020 many foreigners had been sent packing from Australia and property was standing empty. 2022 there are not enough workers, those foreigners have not returned in the vast numbers as they were in May 2020. There no dwellings to buy or rent. Firstly where did all the housing disappear between 1 Jan 2020 and 1 Sep 2022. 2nd who bought and lives in all this property given so many people had left and not been replaced. The property market must be getting gamed for something.

    It going to be interesting to watch as the interest rates bite hard and the first real recession for many Australian arrives with unemployment at 8 percent. Almost the entire Australian population are economic virgins, they going to be wetting their beds.

  4. Synchronicity definition … an easily recognizable chorus of earthshaking anguished howls of protest. Example: When politicians, whose entire careers revolves principally around emptying their country's treasury for self-aggrandizement, greed, and voter pandering, loudly decry that the inevitable damage to the same country's treasury, their political standing, and attractiveness decline in the coming election was their fault.

  5. The Australian government is not sending soldiers to help the Ukrainians, so the Ukrainians are on their own. The USA wepons are relying on travelling across open fields, which are now getting boggy. Google how Hitler's army got bogged. This war is going to hand to hand and gunfights soon. Russia could overrun Ukraine. Get ready for Russis to be on Poland's Border. If USA won't use nuclear, they won't when Poland is attacked. Anybody know any German Russian interpreters? They will be in high demand soon. Not sure how this will affect the sharemarket. Can't be positive.

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