Fed may reach ‘tipping point’ by November as world ‘breaks apart’ into two – Ronald-Peter Stoeferle

Ronald-Peter Stoeferle, Managing Director at Incrementum AG, talks about why gold has not performed better this year, due to the strong U.S. dollar, inflation expectations, equity markets, and crypto performance. He also explains why the U.S. dollar has been ‘weaponized’ during the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Stoeferle spoke with David Lin, Anchor and Producer at Kitco News.

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0:00 – Gold and the Fed
5:22 – Inflation
12:07 – Stagflation 2.0
15:09 – Fed hikes and inflation/deflation
18:00 – Weaponization of the dollar
20:55 – Breakup of the world
22:25 – U.S. dollar strength
25:47 – Stock markets vs. gold
28:50 – Energy crisis in Europe
30:30 – Bitcoin
33:27 – Credit crisis
36:10 – Gold price outlook
43:55 – Gold’s purchasing power

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  1. You are smoking crack if you thing inflation is gonna drop this year, wtf are you looking at? The fed will NOT pivot unless there’s no more liquidity in the bond market. You my friend are delusional

  2. Stop spreading lies there is no way the FED is going to Pivot by midterm election that is ridiculous if they did that then it would be meaningless they would look like a joke they have already said it's going to be another 2 years for the recession the fan has painted itself in the corner it can't turn back now the soonest it could possibly pivot it's fourth quarter 23

  3. Actually the forests in Germany have suffered in recent years and you can see everywhere dead wood – so plenty of fire wood, but not high quality for the wood burning ovens.
    But nevertheless it is there for the taking

  4. ridiculous. we are at 18% inflation now. the CPI is a sham at 8.5%inflation rate. So the statement 2% inflation is a floor is completely stupid. The government has destroyed our economy and the average american with see hyperinflation. The 2% he speaks of is nonsense.

  5. Gold is down now offically from the precovid top.

    War with Russia.
    Insane Money printing.
    Insane debt.
    Insane government policy.

    Gold is DOWN. If 2020-2022 can't pump gold it is done….

    Bitcoin is up 80% the precovid top.
    Bitcoin the new inflation hedge.

    All hail the new inflation hedge.

  6. Central Banksters Funded VAXULA and then All Leaders on Earth Unleased VAXULA |Upon THEIR Own Citizens cuz THEY spent THEIR Pensions and Grandchildren's Future Labor. GOD's Jubilee is NOW and BONDS(Shackles) will Break (SOLD OFF Thrown into the LAKE) SILVER is at the Tip of Exter's Pyramid (also known as Exter's Golden Pyramid) SLVER is at the TIP Ok NOT GOLD…We are Going Back to The Yellow Brick Road with SILVER Slippers

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