Federal Agents Are BLACK-BAGGING Rioters On The Streets In Portland, Is The Hammer FALLING??

Portland rioters are crying foul and crying in general as federal agents in unmarked vehicles appear to be forcibly taking them in for questioning (but doing nothing more). Tim and Adam discuss this strategy and whether this will be a good move in the long run.

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  1. How do you argue against someone when they use this article of the guy who was detained for only 90 minutes and then released with no charges? It's like they detained an innocent person.

  2. Good point re Miranda rights. I learn so much more about the law on this channel than I did studying law in a paralegal program.

  3. Personally I don't think President Trump is doing enough to stop the riots and the Damage and vandalism. Trump needs to send at least 1000 more Federal Officers to Portland and start doing mass arrests. If you watch some of the videos these violent mobs are directly attacking Federal Officers committing assaults and resisting arrest. These Rioters need to be cleared away from the Courthouse and anyone coming within 100 feet without having official business should be arrested and charged with trespassing at the minimum. What the federal officers are doing at present clearly isn't working and this mob needs to be taught a lesson that this madness will be stopped.

  4. Psychological warfare. Psyops are using your enemy's paranoid delusional mindset against them till they're incapable of rational thought and just start blaming each other.

  5. Yeah, but so what? If they are committing crimes, then snatch em up, & get em out. Marked. Unmarked. Don't give a fuck. If they are detaining criminals, then that is GREAT!

  6. A good lawyer can get a defendant's charges thrown out, on the basis of the arresting officer not evoking their miranda rights. The phone call thing varies from state to state. Some states prescribe two phone calls.

    Unmarked vehicles picking up people on the street walking away from 'a riot'. Insufficient probable cause. PEAPLE LIVE IN PORTLAND and have to move about. Since the BLM demonstrations started, bystandarders have been shot by police.

  7. I love how in the beginning of the video Tim says that they don't need to read him his Miranda rights because that is only required when you are being investigated and he is not being investigated but arrested [2:103:30], then fast forward a bit and he says "… it seems like they are investigating these people… guess what they can arrest you, well not arrest, they can detain and investigate…" [16:00 16:38]. Also I love how Tim is not biased but refuses to talk about the fact that this did not happen at the court house but a few blocks away which is probably outside the federal jurisdiction has.
    Look I agree with his sentiment that these guys are not peaceful and I agree that they need to be stopped. Just present the facts of the entire situation, is that so hard to ask.

  8. This person is being detained for the same reason, more or less, that many black people claim police harassment for: fitting a common description of suspects involved in a crime and even being near or on the scene. But instead of getting mad at the people who blended in with you, fit your description (encouraged you to fit theirs) and committed these crimes and made you a possible scapegoat for their actions, this person blames feds. Because he was too stupid to not hang with that crowd and too stupid to blame the snakes he chose for allies.