Federal Court UPHOLDS Texas Takeover of Big Tech | CounterPoints with Ryan and Emily

Ryan and Emily unpack the Fifth Circuit’s ruling upholding a Texas challenge to big tech that could reshape the industry as a whole

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  1. What happens if platforms require government-issued ID and a verifiable physical address to qualify for an account – like in air travel? You would have no bots. People would think twice before picking fights. And porn would be in a place where it would not be in your face. In other words, is the problem censorship or is it anonymity? Take away anonymity and you take away 80% of the need for censorship.

  2. Point of Order … the exception restrictions under the Texas Law afforded the Big Tech Platforms embrace the entirety of the exception restrictions codified under Rumble's Platform … what's Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander …

  3. So if I talk shit now about Biden or Fauci on Twitter (or Trump or Tucker Carlson on Truth Social) I can sue them for $100,000 if I get locked out or shadow banned? Cool.

  4. How about the people that dislike Facebook and Twitter go to a different platform Truth Social is an option. It's like hating on CNN and MSNBC hoping that they change their programming instead create a rival network/platform that's what Fox did with Fox News and they dominate in the ratings

  5. Post 2016 $en$orship was/is largely driven by TDS reactivity that continues metastasizing in our Nation. The "Right" hate the "Left" and vice versa in ever increasing numbers. The more $en$orship of both sides, the more reactive vitriol and Tribalism we see.
    The good news is that we are currently living through #TheGreatAwakening .
    The sooner We The People realize that we are in a Class War, not a Political War, the sooner we can rid our governments of #SystemicCorruption , on both sides of the aisle.
    Peace and Love,

  6. In general, a lot of conservatives don’t have a problem regulating this type of things even though it is government involvement in private companies in the same way they don’t think utilities can be turned off on people the company doesn’t like. And, the bill of right doesn’t cover it the same way it covers speech which should be more protected.

  7. Alex Berenson's legal victory against Twitter and the court's affirmation of this Texas law, which ruling I'm sure will be appealed, are beginning to erode the arbitrary application of social media companies' terms of service, which is a good thing, Grim's botfarm argument notwithstanding.

  8. all this ruling really did was to actually enforce section 230, cause social media platforms have just been abusing it, they've been enjoying section 230's protection for platforms while they've been acting as publishers by censoring content and banning users

  9. YAY, but too little too late. A massive depression and starvation is on the horizon. We are being taken down economically and morally into communism and the NWO. Endtime Bible prophecy is proving itself to be true.

  10. Ryan and Emily’s voices puts me to sleep and makes me loss interest too quickly.
    Didn’t watch them on the hill and don’t want to watch them now. Not everyone is meant for the screen, where is Krystal and Sagar?

  11. I think Ryan has the stronger case here. Algorithms do far, far more censorship than any number of bans ever could. As far as I am aware this little hissy-fit of a law in Texas does nothing to actually stop THAT aspect of the problems with Big Tech. To me that is the biggest problem that Big Tech uses to hide behind Section 230. They claim to be treating everyone fairly, while behind the scenes, actively working to quietly punish dissenting voices and promote those who uphold the status quo. Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are all 100% guilty of this.

  12. It took them 10 years to finally pass a law like that. If this law had been effect 2 years ago Trump would have won 2020 because the Hunter Biden forum would have not been censored.

  13. I’m calling BS. Truth social suppresses a lot of controversial topics. Texas is just mad that the tech companies aren’t towing their line. It’s “free speech only when I’m talking” mentality.

  14. Where are all these "white supremacists" they keep saying are everywhere? The left doesn't see looting, burning vehicles or buildings. They don't see left wing violence but they see "white supremacists" everywhere. So I'm just wondering where are they?

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