Federal Glow-Sticks FAIL HARD: End Up Arresting Each Other! | Louder With Crowder

The #FBI meet and greet in front of the capitol has a poor turnout as #Trump warns patriots that the whole thing is a setup.

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“Eat My Butt”

Written by CrowderBits


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  1. Much like the KKK, practically any other 'white supremacist' group, and pedophile groups, pretty much entirely FBI.

    They're in an endless hunt for themselves. The FBI is basically Andy Lau in Infernal Affairs 3.

  2. The election was stolen and the capital riot was some pushing but most calmly walked though and around the capital . Look at the footage , no weapons . Insurrection with no weapons and a false bomb scare is ridiculous. Democrats Pulled security away and the capital so they can claim this was a riot

  3. if Jan 6 were an insurrection, there would have been bodies scattered in all directions, with Dem pols at all levels begging for police protection, in order to prevent the political correction, resulting from Biden's stolen election…

  4. These are the animals we’re supposed to be afraid of?. They are bullies and cowards that can only take out people who don’t fight back or they outnumber 20 to 1

  5. I don’t care if you don’t believe me.Anybody that’s in LEO or in government position is the a traitor of the American people.You will finally figure it out when these bastard get the order to attack American citizens, that they only gladly follow order up to killing you if order to.

  6. I would say Democrats like Ted Lieu could have prevented politicial violence last summer if he had said blacks aren't being killed by the police because they are black. Of course, these thugs don't necessarily like Democrats either. It speaks volume that they encourage violence and bail them out of jail. Jan. 6th was relatively minor. I don't condone the actions of anyone who stormed the Capitol. No one has been charged with insurrection though. It is encouraged if the left storms the Capitol so I am tired of these double standards. There have been a number of attacks on the Capitol. These hacks only care when the right does it. They also don't know they are quoting Hitler when they use the phrase the Big Lie. They changed all of the election laws and threw election security out the window than accuse us of being threats to democracy. We just want transparency.

  7. That guy is not a hero, he's a traitor that tries to destroy our country. He lies all the time and makes our country worse. He ignores the facts that we have all seen. He's a moron if he thinks we won't die on that hill. No one is saying the crap he wants to hear, because it's a lie.

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