Federal Judge BLOCKS Biden Admin From Punishing Unvaccinated Air Force Service Members

🔥 Secret White House meeting finally Exposed 👉


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  1. 🔥 This morning, there was SECRET testimony in DC regarding a meeting which was held in the White House with President Trump. That meeting has been shrouded in mystery for the past two years—largely because (even though what was said in the meeting is unknown), an hour AFTER the meeting concluded, President Trump issued his famous tweet calling for people to come to Washington on Jan. 6 for a protest. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with Patrick Byrne, he we finally learned what happened. Watch it now 👉

  2. They still have us unvaxxed wearing N95 mask, when vaccinated wears regular masks around the workplace.

    This in accordance with CDC guidelines. They should say CDC bullshit. Let them MF wear that crap for over 8/12 hours per day.

  3. This is the full effort of the Biden administration to extremely reduce the ability of this nation to fight and defend itself. This is exactly what our enemies want. What other nation is reducing it’s military because of not taking the vaccine?

  4. Why only allow USAF exemptions, this should apply to any branch of the military! Actually this should be the case with all US citizens being forced to get this experimental mRNA jab!

  5. Those forcing the clot shots on our service members are committing treason.
    Those coercing anyone to take an untested shot are committing crimes against humanity, especially children and babies.

  6. This vaccine mandate by lying Joe Biden needs to be ruled as both illegal and immoral. What about the other branches of the military? There has been many members of the other branches who have already been discharged.

  7. the 4 horsemen ruling the world: BlackRock, Fidelity, Vanguard, State Street (DEATH, FAMINE, PLAGUE, WARS) THEY CREATE ALL THAT for their benefits and wealth WAKE THE FUCK UP. We need to stop investing, stop buying brand names, get your money OUT of the bank, buy AT LOCAL SHOPS, not big name stores (walmart) cause they own them, keep your car for 10 yrs+, build your own house, built your own yatch, we re not out of the abyss with them: they OWN mostly every industries, they destroy the planet's forest and lands for gold mining like the amazon forest, you think the corona virus was real? you think wars are for real? ROFL check out what they control; if you want them crushed, start living differently (make your own food stop buying packed, canned and frozen food, make your own and buy local/farmers) crush the stock market that is what is needed to be done

  8. Healthcare workers in NYS are still “resigned with cause” by “governor” Hochul Vaccine Mandate left unemployed with no healthcare and no healthcare insurance.
    Will this judgement on behalf of the service persons bleed over to the Healthcare worker’s’ situation

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