Federal judge’s family linked to Jeffery Epstein | Yellow ribbons 4 Assange song

An assassin dressed as a Fedex driver showed up at a Federal judge’s home and shot her son and husband.

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Written by The Outer Light

I am a Christian. I try to shed light, on the darkness that surrounds us. Psalm 23:1Exposing the hidden order behind the visible.


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  2. Not the best way to curry favour with the judge! I hope she has the death penalty available when it comes to sentencing! However, in the real world I guess she'll have to recuse herself or will be removed for her own safety.

  3. SGT Report just had video taken down about Q, Disney & the club. We are not in the club. DeutschBank suspiciously connected to Bane Capital which represents Gates foundation, Cheney’s Corp, soo
    Many threads in this web. Check out ReallyGraceful’s recent upload and also Ronald Bernard, the Dutch banker whistleblower about the horrific crimes against humanity.

  4. yesterday did a segment with more details on the oddities of this case. The supposed killer lived in Tussia for two years, worked for Kroll, Inc. a mossad-based, global private investigation corporation. He was a modern day Lee Harvey Oswald who was silenced by a mossad modern-day Jack Ruby. It was to intimidate the judge, and if she recuses herself in this Deutschbank/Epstein case
    any other future judge in the case.

  5. Sonia Poulton & Shaun Attward onto this. They think he’s gone burgers ?I’ve seen drone footage of Epstein Ed. The comments on this link are really interesting the rabbit ? hole ? is never ending. ?‍♀️??‍♀️

    Alien hybrids lol ?

  6. I really question whether she is really in jail. We have seen no pictures of her in jail. There is so much evidence against her it’s crazy. These young women who were molested by these pedophiles as children are very brave to speak out. The level of evil is absolutely unreal.

  7. This is off topic but, I watched a video on how the vaccinate cattle. Then I watched a video on how the test for COVID-19. I have NOT been tested. I'm 57 and retired. Anyway, THEY ARE THE SAME. I got the first videos coming out of Wuhan downloaded. The ones showing people walking, then falling down dead. I go the videos of Chinese disinfecting the streets. WELL, something totally different is happening here in the US. Maybe we are GETTING VACCINATED instead of BEING TESTED. Looking at the vaccinating video of cattle makes me realize this. I'm retired and researching again, looking at all the old videos and comparing. Don't have anything else to do.

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  9. Listen to this clown, people are saying it was to intimidate the judge on her rulings, then says or other people are saying? NO burnout not any of the Daily Mail articulation says it was for intimidation or persuasions on the Maxwell case at all you just made that shit up, you just assume in your little head that this is what you want it to be like u weirdo… ya seems like everyone is saying or pointing to your a weirdo.. can’t wait for the new copyright law to hit YouTube, no more anything with any registered company can be used without permission, it be great to do stories on all the Basement reporters actually throwing hissy fits because they have to get a real job now, no more thieving handouts or begs for donations… can’t wait

  10. I saw Geraldo on 'The Five' a few days ago being absolutely distasteful, implicitly vilifying the victims and sowing seeds of doubt with the audience. Also of note, was the panelists' body language as he said what he did – you could tell the guest was upset by the insituation, Dana trying to maintain calm, the beady eyed guy didn't know what to do, stiffens up so looks off into the distance, Jesse twitches in discomfort as the worst allegation is made and then tenses his mouth etc. Check it out >>> 5:14 of watch?v=_pXts26Uhks You really have to wonder what camps they're in, how comped they are, and how they feel about each others sliminess – if they even consider it at all…

  11. FOX News Murdoch Carlson Hannity Geraldo Forbes -the ARE Epstein/epdo/perv/harasser/ brothel/blackmail cult, organized crime, 100%. NY had Elliot Sptizer and Schneiderman (an abuser john) and Anthony Weiner, remember? Total corruption.