Federal Reserve Has Stolen Our Future

In this video Dr Martenson breaks down the immense personal and institutional failures of the US Federal Reserve, connecting them broadly to the failures of the FDA, the CDC, NIH, Fauci and the mainstream media.

Why should you care? Because the imminent economic crisis that’s coming will be extremely damaging. It will have the same root as the many Covid policy failures; entrenched greed & corruption leading to extremely poor decisions that will cause a lot of pain for the most vulnerable in society. There’s no practical difference between Fauci’s “No treatments for you!” policies and Jerome Powell’s “No money for you (only the uber wealthy)!” policies. Both grievously harm the majority while benefiting the very few.

The wealthy will skate by, but mainly because they have feathered their own nests at the expense of everyone else. The extraordinarily regressive inflation tax combined with what can only be described as a purposeful decimation of the middle and lower socioeconomic classes is both a looming tragedy as well as indicative of a profound moral and ethical failure by Federal reserve staff and leadership.

Growing corruption is fingered as a principal contributor to the downfall of empires all throughout history and this time assuredly is not different.

This all connects to the probability that the current inflationary impulses and growling supply shocks will be handled equally poorly by si8mialrly conflicted and entrenched bureaucrats across the Americas and Europe. In Part I2 this connection is covered extensively.

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Unbelievably Obvious Corruption

Federal Reserve Corrupt Through and Through

Unhappy at Getting Caught, That Is

Billionaires get 62% richer

The Middle Class & Minorities Were Crushed

Powell: Zero Integrity

Anatomy of an Obvious Fraud

Fed Plan: Print more for Billionaires, Make You Pay More

How Many Cold Showers to Offset one Nautical Mile?

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Episode 033

00:00 – Intro
01:22 – Deliberate Destruction Of The Middle Class
05:18 – Unbelievably Obvious Corruption
09:39 – Unhappy at Getting Caught
16:04 – The Middle Class & Minorities Were Crushed
18:30 – Powell: Zero Integrity
29:17 – Anatomy of an Obvious Fraud
33:52 – Fed Plan: Print more for Billionaires, You Pay More
35:24 – Climate Change: What Can I Do?
40:15 – What Does Systemic Corruption Mean To o You?
43:06 – Conclusions & Summary

Written by Peak Prosperity

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  1. It all means you who thought was all good will need the help from the poor.. Be nice because most do not forgive from words of past. WE ARE ALL ONE EXCEPT THE 1% oooo sorry your Boss. pandemic is 25%of population at least sooo yeah

  2. Also the FED bailed out the zombie corporations who had so much debt but are necessary to the Military Industrial Complex. Do not be shocked about what the FED is doing because they were established in 1913 to make sure the banks were powerful and were bailed out at the expense of the taxpayer! What you are talking about is the Cantillon effect. People who are closed to the money get the money and nothing trickles down!

  3. If you borrow money from someone that doesn’t need anything how are you going to pay them back with money that you can’t make? If all the money in the world is invested and wants more money how are you going to make the interest money and original investment back? You can’t print money…..and if you do print then (money gets to print money in a sense) and the ones that don’t have money get nothing (no value increases). Hard to understand but think about it if you have a bank account and was earning interest or bought bonds and they went broke like they did multiple times…. They went and bailout banks and bailout out government(bonds) with printed money correct? Money prints money correct?

  4. I learned all this about the corrupt Federal Reserve from my dear father 50 years ago. And I absolutely agree that it was pretty sad more people were outraged by the tragic abuse of dogs than by the tragic abuse of human beings.

  5. The federal government has destroyed the value of our money by their money printing. The only way out of this is to once, again, make our money convertible to gold/silver.
    Government is ROTTEN .Government is CROOKED. Government is EVIL

  6. So, if "they" are pushing no meat for the masses.. If "they" are pushing a more vegan lifestyle…. ( and actual numbers that they never mentioned, do not support their claims).. What would be the logical conclusion?

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