Feds Arrest Steele’s Russian Disinfo Counterpart Igor Danchenko

What an L for leftoids:


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  1. I watched the debate and it didn’t go well for either of you I don’t think.
    Neither of you argued in good faith I would say. Metaphorically speaking you kicked each other in the nuts and both walked away with sore swollen nuts. For you 2 to have a good debate you’d both have to put away the axes you are grinding for each other. It’s too bad I like both of you, I think our political situation would improve if we could hash it out between your positions.

  2. I have so little trust in the political world that I completely doubt anything will happen. Who needs Chy-na and Putin when our own creeps operate outside of the law?

  3. As for the Clinton’s approach is just dropping a match like a arsonist and moving on , no accountability as for Hunter Biden’s business associates doing tine, where if himself to , wouldn’t be able to profit on his 500g paint by number finger paintings.

  4. The Nick Fuentes debate was painful to witness. Listening to Fuentes go on about how the ccp are upholding the traditions and values of the Chinese people while the ccp are putting religious people in concentration camps for no reason other than believing in a higher power than the ccp itself. Fuentes is a dumb kid with his head up his arse.

  5. For them to arrest the Russian who told steal all this is wrong. This guy didn't lie to the FBI he lied to steal. steal & the Democratic Party are the ones that should going to prison

  6. The opposite should be true when it comes to holding people accountable. We the people need to make sure those we elect to higher offices are held accountable THE MOST for breaking the law as it's their job to know it!!! I'm so sick of this shit and Hillary getting away. Her and Bill deserve to rot in prison in solitary confinement for the rest of their lives, or worse as they've committed treason multiple times!