Feds Have SHUT DOWN The Riots In Portland, How Do We STOP Antifa? Police Try Conspiracy Charges

Tim and Ian discuss whether having artificial intelligence in police robots might be a solution to some of the current problems faced by officers fearing their safety and civilians wanting to protect their rights, but there are some obvious potential downsides.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. "Dance Party?" You mean a bunch of assholes blocking streets? So they did it. They actually did it. The extremists have been able to move the needle on what is acceptable, nay, even COMMENDABLE. Good job Antifa. You aren't hitting people with bricks, and you aren't setting fires…. You are only blocking people from driving our own streets. 6 months ago (and for the entire history of our country), blocking streets in and of itself was considered wrong. Essential services, people that may have to be somewhere important, people trying to get to their families, people just going about their evening, all hindered and outright stopped from being free to move about their own city by a bunch of spoiled criminals… And Tim says "good job". I honestly don't know why I come to this page anymore. Tim, you are hopeless. If your neighbors assault your family with bricks, and set your house on fire, and then the police FINALLY arrest the most violent of them, will you say "good job" to the rest of your neighbors, who are now only blocking your driveway so you can't get to work? HELL NO. You call the cops back and say, "nice job on getting the biggest assholes, but you need to get your ass back here and finish the damn job! You have not solved the damn problem!". Not Tim I guess. He would applaud them for not hitting him anymore, or trying to burn his house down, and say, "Good job!". They are now setting forest fires. Good job guys! Thanks for not setting buildings on fire in front of the cameras! Oh, wait, fires spread… Oh, wait again guys, this is probably a conspiracy theory anyway… Let's talk about the "dance party" instead…


  3. The problem is morality. Some founding father said the government of the USA is made for a moral people and is unsuited for any other. The population is no longer moral so people don't recognize authority and fight with the police. Most of the moments when things go wrong are preceded by a fight with the cops.

  4. Protest ground rules that have to be agreed to prior to the event. ALL of the participants will be subject to the same liability and punishment as individual(s) that break the law. The concept works for the military…… guy/gal screws up the whole platoon pays the price.

  5. There is a law in Georgia where you can not have an ice cream cone in your back pocket on Sunday! If you go and google silly laws on the books in your town, you will get a good laugh!

  6. What if your chipped when these robot police come after you? You know maybe by a vaccine? Once your chipped the robot can trank you and Tim your so dumb you shouldn't talk about things without research first

  7. Amazing, when you ARREST AND HOLD people who break the law and continue to break the law, then magically it stops. You also make it illegal to wear disguises or conceal your identity during protests.

  8. 50 years ago we stopped spanking or even telling children no. Were seeing the effect of this on society. Combined with post modernist ideas we have produced a monster we have to now deal with harshly. With everyone living their own truth…there is no truth?

  9. I recall some scifi short stories where law enforcement was highly automated so most laws had been repealed just to keep the system from being overwhelmed I think it was Lacey and his Friends

  10. There is a little Camp in Cuba that they should go to! It is a welcoming place full of Diversity. They can be close to the Communism they want. Happily Guantanamo bay, being outside of the United States they will have no RIGHTS and no chicken tendies…….