Fed’s Own Economist WARNS Of Severe Recession | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar analyze the Federal Reserve’s next moves as a Fed economist warns raising rates could lead to a severe recession

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  1. I really wish they would bring on some experts to talk sometimes. Saager and Krystal know a lot about DC politics, but it's impossible to know a lot about everything… And they clearly don't fully understand the ins and outs of the Fed's actions. Facts are, there's a lot of debate on this topic and they've only covered the worst case scenario.

  2. The thing is if the fed wants to stop the “inflation”, it has to keep saying it will hike the rates, even if they aren’t going to, to create a credible threat.
    The problem is it’s increasing the value of the dollar. So for global capitalists, the drop in share value is made up by the buying power of the dollar.
    The rate hike also forces other countries to raise their interest rates, so now you have investors parking their money, which slows down global money velocity and creates a deflation.

  3. Recession. What is that? People spend less. Well, I think that is a good thing. I would like to see everyone grow gardens, find local natural water sources, use water filters, and stop buying stuff. Save and stop buying stuff. Let everything rot on the shelves for months untouched. Stop depending on this machine. Starve it. Become independent. Let this economic social control beast die.

  4. Krystal calls for "government congressional action"… which means bigger government. All of the problems we have, from the war in Ukraine, student debt and inflation; is due to big government… We need less government, not less… I'm also getting tired of Saagar being a simp and not calling her out on her idiotic points.

  5. When I saw that hedge fund manager literally crying after his business was destroyed following the Gamestop fiasco, I knew then that all would be lost. Those people BUY our politicians and have been doing so for well over a century. Everything decision the government in the US has made in the last 70+ years (since WWII) has been done to keep people like that rich at the expense of the rest of us. I don't support socialism or communism, but the government and the Fed seriously need to be replaced and many in them should go to jail on both sides of the political spectrum, also many on Wallstreet. They will let the whole thing collapse just to keep their yachts harbored in a foreign country.

  6. There is only one cause of inflation and that is the rate of rise in the supply of money. When you dump 1/3 of the dollars that have ever existed into an economy in a 3 year period inflation will come next. The reason people don't understand inflation is because they don't think long term. More money equals more spending. More spending equals lower supply of goods. Lower supply of goods means higher prices. All of these things lag behind each other as it takes time for the newly created money to permeate the economy and create the domino effect. This is also how you can pay for a war machine without actually having to tax the citizens to fund them. Because the citizens would not allow these wars to go on if their taxes were high enough to actually pay for them. Sound money solves so many problems in our world today. Give the people the power in a real way and start using Bitcoin.

  7. The pain will be now or much more later. Easy money leads to inflation which leads to degraded currency which leads to the fall of nations. Higher rates now seems like a bargain.

  8. Im glad the high priests of economy are warning me of recession. Ya know last year I was paying 3.30 a gal of gas. Now paying 4.90. Buying a pack of bolonga for $3.50 now paying $6. A 2×4 was $3 now its $10. Im waiting to see when we will really enter a recession.
    Dont pee on me & tell me its raining.

  9. Alot of people never recovered from the COVID economic slowdowns, they are demanding just the basic necessities they need to survive and it scares me when the FED says we need to reduce demand further. What is going to happen to these people when the FED succeeds in reducing demand? I think the solution to this problem is increasing supply to what it was before COVID and raising the interest rate doesn't address the supply problem. All those people who wanted to keep cumbersome restrictions in place/shut down businesses even after most of the population was vaccinated, I ask you was making a low risk super low worth all this inflation and the sever recession we are about to experience? When you lose you're job and can't get another one for several months was it worth it? I'm feeling more and more like the government's cure for COVID will be worse than the disease and I study science as a hobby so that is saying something.

  10. Part two of this segment is included in a separate video but they don’t mention it. Just have to look at the bottom segment highlighted in red. They’re multi-segmenting their subscribers and stretching the usual 8 segments into 11 videos.

  11. "Companies that really do not deserve to exist" — Along side that are jobs that do no deserve to exist. So why should the country keep underwriting it with a cheap monetary policy?

  12. Gosh, the idea two rates, one for big business and small business, why not?
    Ah, the Fourteenth Amendment's Equal Protection Clause requires states to practice equal protection. Equal protection forces a state to govern impartially—not draw distinctions between individuals solely on differences that are irrelevant to a legitimate governmental objective.

  13. I hope that retirees can invest in the next generation who will need to support them in their post-career life in terms of water, food shelter, transportation, etc. However, I also hope that the next generation can invest in retirees and learn from their experiences – gain insights about leadership and religion and hopefully give retirees a new life.

  14. You guys don't think the fact that we injected what? 40% more currency into the economy in the past couple years has anything to do with this? You can't just print trillions of dollars and not expect this. But you all wanted your $1000 checks. Was it worth it?

  15. Cost of housing has gone up by 50-60% in st.louis even with the high interest rate, the price still too high. A big housing crash is a must. This is ridiculous. They want $325k for a house that was bought for 177k 4 years ago.

  16. Have they considered outlawing price gouging for a temporary time period? Actually, go ahead and crash capitalism, idc we need socialism and the pain will wake people up. Unfortunately, it will be my community who will suffer the worst

  17. Cost of building materials alone makes your more housing point countered. Do you think developers will take a pay cut and offer the detached house, acre with the picket fence? Common, get real!

  18. The US petrodollar has been a worthless commodity buoyed by the global petrodollar, and BRICS is now putting that to an end., As this spells the end of value for the US dollar abroad, the inflation will increase and the US economy will take it on the nose.

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