FEDS?: Why Are Key Jan 6 Ringleaders UNINDICTED? | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar review more investigative reporting into the unindicted co-conspirators who were central players in the events that unfolded at the US Capitol on January 6th

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  1. Krystal continuing to blame Trump is a joke. There have been hundreds of Trump rallies w/ zero violence. They’re fun, all good. This J6 was something different. As you can see from this article they are reporting on. My word.

  2. This could all be over with. If the committee would release all of the surveillance videos with the original timestamps on them and let the American people decide. Instead, this waste of time, waste of money committee. He's going to come up with a 22nd video. Of possibly insurrection going on. Out of 1400 hours of video. All they can come up with is 22nd clip here a 22nd clip there. Hell, give me 1400 hours of surveillance video. I will. come up with any narrative you want? The only reason these videos are not being released is because it would show a lie. A lie that is being perpetrated by our elected officials. I mean, it's scary to think. If they would do this. With a regional election. Would they put out a false pandemic? Would they take down to towers? United we stand divided we shall fall.

  3. What’s your point Saagar??
    Seriously, you can’t figure this out??
    How the hell do you think our FED agencies are able to get to the bad guys??
    This isn’t anything remotely new!!
    They take immense risk to infiltrate these militias in hopes to thwart major domestic terrorist attacks Etc!!
    They also try and turn bad guys into informants! Why?? To help the entire operation of stopping the bad guys.
    This situation is probably the very worst to armchair judge!!
    Saagar you are sooo intelligent to already know this.
    Those people you are both referring to are probably turned informants in which case they have been more than questioned and are clearly working the situation!!
    Sometimes you guys are kinda dumb! (Which of course you both aren’t) so why in the crap are you even reporting this situation like this??
    C’mon you two!!

  4. The REAL problems with the January 6th, 2021 uprising is that NONE of these pseudo-moralistic, entitled, self-aggrandising, millionaire politicians (not representatives as they should be) were cornered or put on the spot by these American citizens on the Senate and Congressional floors! These uncaring politicians will never learn any lessons from this uprising, nor do they care as to why a majority of American citizens don't trust them and despise their representation of us, their constituents! Nor do they care to question as to why a large number of our country's citizens came to the U.S. Capitol on that day and went through such measures to voice their frustrations and disappointments concerning our so-called representatives and delegates that We The People elect to do the job we elected them to do! These politicians should have been surrounded by these American citizens who want government for American citizens brought back as the foundational government, then they should have held and sequestered these politicians of all political parties in contempt of our citizenry, rounded them up in their respective chambers and forced these inept and incompetent liars to answer questions and concerns of REAL Americans right there and now: without violence, videotaped and on the record and sent throughout internet news sites, organizations and podcast; but ostricizing any coverage for corporate main stream media! Put the fear of us American citizens into each and every one of these elitist politicians as to what can happen when the citizenry you purport to represent are sick and tired of your inadequacy and corruption!

  5. Groups become mobs…
    Protests become riots…
    Celebrations become riots…
    Because of the actions of agent provocateurs and individuals who have criminal intentions…
    The difference between agent provocateurs and criminals actors is that the agent provocateurs are not typically identified and not prosecuted for inciting criminal behavior.
    The manufacturing of problems in order to facilitate budget growth and authority expansion is a reality.
    Fabrication of false narratives in order to facilitate protection of politically connected individuals is a reality.
    The entrapment of groups of people is actually much easier to facilitate using psychological emotional manipulation than the psychological emotional manipulation of random individuals. Especially when the group is polarized and triggered along certain lines.

  6. ~Krystal @5:58 "even after its happening, does nothing" || that is not true. trump put out a video statement on twitter imploring everyone to get out of the building and go home while everyone was still inside rioting. the feds did to trump exactly what they did to bashar al assad when they made up the chemical attack BS

  7. If you could stop with D.T. is responsible for something that was setup by democrats 100% with FBI . I never voted for him nor I ever will but you are making said excuse here for criminal activity of democrats.

  8. I worked in the oil industry just hundreds of thousands do. I have half a closet full of flame retardant clothes because you can't and won't be allowed to work without it. Educate yourself on things you speak about if you want to be a news organization.

  9. Actual question – if these were FBI plants would they honestly not have come up with a plan for the inevitable "everyone is getting arrested but these guys"!?
    Like, don't they arrest their own undercover all the time? I dunno…

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