Feeble Biden COLLAPSES While Riding His Bike… This Man Isn’t Okay.


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  1. After the last 6 years of collusion between the democrats and the media, how could anyone think that a tyrannical government is some far off, apocalyptic future scenario? We are living it

  2. Remember when Trump took a medication that the left decided he shouldn't and how he was brow beat and they told us he was harming himself/our president? Biden does some shuffle when he walks, talks gibberish, curses people and falls down and the left pretend it's ok and normal. Sick of their double standards.

    Notice the claim he fell off of his back while riding his bike but we all know he was no longer riding at all.

  3. Now all you guys in America need is gas prices to fall….this clown is constantl causing falls….polls…..mental efficiency……the contents of his bowels at the vatican .

  4. Its just so sad what is happening to America right now. Our Founding Fathers tried to build something for mankind. A place where we can truly be free. Speak freely, worship freely, and freely work to achieve happiness. But the Biden Regime is destroying everything they built in one swoop. I think its time for a America 2.0. A place where we are free from thieving politicians and authoritarian presidents, like Biden. He is a disgusting thing (can’t even call him human)

  5. No matter how hard Biden tries he always F's up. No doubt Biden would fall off his bike even with training wheels on both front and back wheels.
    Too bad Monty Python is not still in production. Joey would make a great skit.
    I would like to see Biden ride his bike down the steps (speed bumps) of the US Capitol.

  6. He is making America a laughing stock for all the world to see. We should be ashamed of what we are allowing to happen to our country. When is it time to take a closer look at the election? I guarantee it would make us a stronger nation to expose the truth to all Americans. Right now only a half of us are strong enough to stand up and say something wasn’t right and it needs to be looked into.

  7. Not to worry. That's just how Joe Biden normally stops on his bicycle. He hasn't figured out yet that he needs to put his feet down when he stops rolling. He's a pretty slow learner.

  8. Yeah I guess Biden was tired as he fill down on his ass on the way up air force-1 and now falling off his bike. I see 25th being enacted in Bidens near future. And don't worry, I won't have to keep up with you clowns in office, I'll just wait for you guys to get Here.

  9. So an 80 year old (or their abouts) fell off a bike. I don't think this is a any kind of meaningful measurement if Brandon can be President. This is really a poor talking point.
    I will agree he is a terrible President. The biggest mistake the DNC could have made.
    Anyone that really makes to much fun of this….. I would say you are a Democrat.

  10. He didn't 'spare us' from Donald Trump. His Ballot Harvesters STOLE Trump's second term, which would have continued to see America getting back millions of jobs from overseas where companies fled to escape Obama's taxation and over-regulation. Our country would've been THRIVING right now, with the same $2/gallon gasoline that we saw for four years and stable under Trump.

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