Feel Bad for Leftists. Playing the Race Card is All they Have

Play the race card over and over again. It is there an app and to take down part is that they cannot defeat intellectually or logically. We should cease to care about their antics, and their desire to push the United States over the cliff, by racism and white privilege with every incident.
Maxine Bernier of the PPC is currently being accused of racism by “anonymous sources” while Justin Trudeau gets away with black face. It’s all political games. The only way to combat this is to laugh at them and nullify their strategy.
#mainebernier #racecard #racism
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  1. The people that are apathetic to this crude and obscene take-over by these non elected self-appointed "authorities" is what really scares me, they're bidding their time, trying to be last in line, but they're still in line and the line is for the slaughterhouse.

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