Female Athletes SUING To Block Trans Women From Competing In Sports

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  1. If the arguments these "trans" people are claiming about gender being nothing but an insignificant social construct were true, then why are only biological males that are claiming to be females dominating as "trans" athletes?Because they are men of course. Why are no biological woman claiming to be "trans" dominating in male sports? Because men of course are biological stronger –DIFFERENT–than woman. This of course will get you the "gender is different than biological sex" claptrap. Attention indoctrinated lunatics!!!! It is not. Gender is the same as sex. Men are different then women. And we are all sick of you telling us we need to live in your fake world with you.

  2. Biological Women should not have to compete against these males… if you have cock and balls you are a boy… Vagina.. girl simple. If you are having some gender Identity issues then you should not be competing against biological girls… PERIOD…

  3. Honestly, i think that someone who transitions from a male to a female only socially just to compete in sports in school, and then destroy the opposition in those sports, is hilarious, its really bad looking too, since they are shattering records in these events, and not in ones before, obviously unfair

  4. Words mean things. The correct headline is "Biological females suing to block biological males from competing in female sports" A trans female is a biological male.

    Stop feeding into the trans delusion: Biologically you can't change your sex. This isn't debated and these same people tell us that sex and gender are separate and disconnected. If they're disconnected, then gender identity ought to be ignored full stop since it's subjective. Biological sex is objective and is precisely what every law on the books relating to "gender" was intended to protect since gender and sex were practically synonymous until 5 minutes ago. It's pathetic that this is an actual conversation society has to have, these people are mentally ill not virtuous.

  5. hopefully they'll lose. Women wanted to invade every male space, but now men have figured out how to invade and take women's spaces. They claimed there was no difference between men and women, so they have nothing to complain about.

  6. I have zero, and I do mean zero sympathy for females anymore, especially when they begin to reap the crops they have sown.
    For decades women have forced their way into every place that had been "men" only spaces. From health clubs, private clubs colleges & even locker rooms. As of today there are only 3 male only colleges left in the US. For decades women have screamed that you can't keep them out because that would be misogyny & sexism & they used the courts to force their way in wherever they wanted.
    For decades women have screamed that they can do absolutely any & everything men could do & do it better & the few that went out for mens sport team where held up as stunning & brave to be examples for all the younger females. In spite all the facts to the contrary & even calling the science & biology itself a sexist tool of the patriarchy.
    Females claim they are equal to & even Superior to men (think Billie Jean King of the 70s)
    Well here ya go womyns. You wanted this. You got it. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  7. The T won't go until the entire LGBT goes away. It is time for science to step in and push ideologues on the side. Biology remains an objective science and most religions were consistent with the biological arguments.

  8. Laws against discrimination based on gender identity is actually forcing other people into one person's illusion

  9. If its just hormones that affect an individuals ability to play sports, why are women taking testosterone not dominating male sports?

    perhaps it goes deeper than hormone, perhaps genetics plays the bigger role.

  10. I can't believe the balls/ovaries on those people. It's not like they don't know they have a biological adventage. Be whoever you want, but if you think that as a transwoman you have the same right as athlete women in sports that spend years honing their bodies and skills then you are either stupid or you're deliberately cheating. The problem with woke culture is that you will have to sooner or later throw some people under the bus because you favor the "less priviliged" – women for transwomen in sports or LGBT people for muslims.

  11. I'm no expert and not claiming any new insight. However, why can't they just implement another competitive class in sports for trans athletes? Here I mean having mens, womens, trans mens, trans womens, and open (open to all). This seems the most logical and equitable solution.

  12. Like in wrestling, you have various weight classes that tend to even out results. In basketball, if height is a detriment, make leagues of certain height ranges. If boys want to identify as girls, let them have their own league.

  13. Like Alita, we can probably put synthetic/robotic legs on a female that may allow her to run twice as fast as a normal female. Will she be able to compete in female sports? What about a “female“ that has the legs/body of a male that is better/stronger/faster than a normal female?

  14. Sounds like maybe these biological males saw a way to dominate. I'm serious has anyone asked if perhaps this is all just some bullshit, of them saying they are female to face overall weaker opponents. Perhaps feeling they can't stand to other men? I have no idea if that's case or they are legit trans but whenever I hear someone is trans but not taking the steps to actually transition….. get my kinda suspicious.

  15. Before I am a man, I am a feminist. I am one of the biggest proponents of feminism there is. I am a feminist because I fully understand that we are smack dab in the middle of a volatile gender war. In war, you must know your enemy. To truly achieve this you must act, think like and become your enemy__especially when in fore-sight you realize their efforts will lead to peril and their ultimate demise. Like the cancer it is, feminism paved the way for pedestalizing ambiguity in the genders. Consequently, what niche was once a tiny community, exponentially exploded into a force to be reckoned with. And now, feminists want to quietly fix their screw up and push back using the State govt. Fuck That! I say let’s dive deeper and see how far this rabbit hole goes. Don't worry gentlemen, have patience, for at the bottom of the hole will shine a light to our inevitable victory. To this, I beg you… support our trans-women and their takeover, for as in any war where allies fight for your cause, they must be considered ‘friendlies’.

    Trans-women are brave heroes, subconsciously ignorant to the fact that they are on our side fighting the good fight. You see, the beauty of it is we just have to sit back and enjoy the show. Think about it… “men competing as women… against women who compete against men… by pushing an agenda to make all men more like women.” 

    You can’t make this shit up guys! I know GOD or some deity is up above laughing hysterically. 

    I HAVE A DREAM, that one day trans-women will take the title of champion to every female sport ever created. 

    I HAVE A DREAM, that one day trans-woman will be crowned MISS UNIVERSE, miss USA, miss England etc. 

    I HAVE A DREAM, that one day trans-women will be featured on the cover page to all the feminist infused useless magazines like cosmopolitan and vogue. 

    I HAVE A DREAM, that one day trans-women will win the hearts of Hollywoods’ casting directors to feature them in those useless ‘woke’ movies instead of biological women.  

    And when I wake from this dream, open the window to my studio apartment, then look down to see all the feminists crying inconsolably at the trans-woman FRANKENSTEIN they created….

    I WILL LAUGH, I will laugh in the knowledge that the Red Pill Scripts were right all along…

    Anything left to womans’ devices will end in abject failure.

    Anything a woman can do, a man can do better.

  16. Eh feminist allowed the transgender to attach to their movement. Kept saying girl power. Women are as strong as men. Enjoy getting their ass kicks by man ladies.

  17. The new dumb laws surrounding gender and these health issues aren't based on facts, but feelings and ideology, and it becomes more and more obvious the more they try to operationalize these genetic, mental and social dysfunctions for normalization.

  18. Do these men who supposedly identify as women, actually feel pride and accomplishment when they win against women? Run back home and be like "Mom! Dad! I won!"

  19. I think we need non gendered teams. You could have a safe place for the LGBTQ community, as well as anyone who isn't comfortable/able to compete in gendered sports.

  20. I do not have a horse in this race since I am a Normal Human Being, I do not care who wins or looses this race. Do let me get a bowl of popcorn…..This should be entertaining.